Oh boy, this episode is pretty hard to watch. I think it's like 90% fluff, and it doesn't even try to hide it. Episodes like are hard to watch for me because they're just. So. Boring. Nothing really happened at all in this episode, and I honestly would have skipped it if not for a few select scenes. Let me make one thing clear, it's good spending time with Zuko, I'm always for more Zuko, and his scenes are the best. And needless to say, his internal conflict is interesting to say (and I hope that everyone present understands what's going on with him), but Mai and Ty Lee are such uninteresting characters over all that they kill the episode for me. Even most of Azula's scenes are pretty useless. I mean, trying to get boys? Really, Azula? As you guys can figure out by now, I think that this episode really contributes little of any substance to the Book, save for the good parts.

Those worthwhile scenes is where the real meat of the episode is, I think. Zuko going to his old vacation house (mostly told in silence, which I respect in a TV show), the scene around the campfire (Mostly Zuko's part), and pretty much all of the scenes with Aang. Take out all the filler, and it'd only be about 9 minutes long. Ad it's not like I don't mind filler, as long as it's good. Take Tales of Ba Sing Se, that was epic filler. This episode, sadly, is less then perfect. No other way to put it but boring, I think. Sorry if that hurts anyone's feelings, maybe this is someone's favorite episode. If it is, by all means enjoy it, I think it's dull.

Everyone else seemed to like it pretty well, though. Most of Azula's moments were funny, and like I said, there are some really good moments. That scene at the beach house with Zuko is so good I really wish we could have had a similar scene perhaps visiting his old room at the Palace. Moments like this were scenes that everyone liked and paid attention to. Moments that left a good taste in everyone's mouth, if that makes sense. One thing I pointed out was Toph's comment about Aang's tattoos, and how a blind girl would know he even had them. Something to think about. I mean, try explaining to a blind person what a tattoo even is.

So yeah, a pretty dull episode, but not the worst.

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