I wish to apologize for the delay in this review, we watched this episode last Sunday (the 3rd of November), but I was just too lazy to type it up. As much as I enjoy doing these and getting your feedback, guys, it sure takes a bit of time, especially while reviewing Korra too.

Onwards to the review, this is episode is one of my absolute favorites, and it's viewing was excellent. But first, a little side note. Kind of funny, but I find that we end up skipping the intro a lot after the "Water, Earth, Fire, Air.' Those four words are enough to get everyone in the mood (Though not often a very quiet mood), and fro there we just fast forward.

Let's get the elephant out of the room. Interestingly enough, it took everyone about 4 minutes to notice Aang's hair. And that's really funny since I went through great lengths to make it a surprise, trying hard to avoid letting them see it in the menu. Oh well. Doesn't matter much at all.

At first, I think everyone thought Aang was being a whiner, as ridiculous as that sounds. They didn't seem to understand his conflict until Aang just explained it himself. I find that to b a shame that they were unable to pick up on Aang's troubles sooner, but better late than never.

Upon finally seeing the Fire Lord's face, nobody said anything. Hm. Too bad. I was expecting comment on how non-villain-like he looks. I still like his reveal, of course, and I greatly respect what they did hiding him for the first two seasons.

Another thing I like about this episode is that I think it has the best voice acting from Katara in the whole series, when she confesses her emotions to her dad after Aang leaves. I thin Katara is a pretty hit and miss character sometimes. Sometimes she's awesome like in Imprisoned, other times she's a bit of a snob like in The Chase. Sometimes her emotional outbursts are kind of uncalled for, too, like how she told off Zuko in the caves under Ba Sing Se. However, these feelings, and her reaction to them feel amazingly genuine, almost to the point where you can forget you're watching an animated show. That may be the ultimate sign of quality, and this show certainly has quality.

Well, we're into the final season, my personal favorite. What a good way to start things out. And while it will be a relatively short season, we're in for a great ride.

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