Well, that was a hell of a hiatus, and an unexpected one too. I'm sorry for that, but I had a lot of personal projects and holidays and birthdays to take care of, plus I just haven't been motivated. We finished the show about 9 days ago, and while I don't remember all the events that happened in all the episode's viewings, I'll do my best to sum them up as well as I can.

This episode was good, it explained everything we needed to know about Roku, and while the placement was perfect for Zuko's story, I can't help but think that Aang's point of view of it seemed really rushed. It's like Roku showed up and said "Oh hey Aang, I forgot to tell you my whole backstory back when you could've used it, so I'll just tell it to you now." Again, Zuko's point of view for it is perfect timing wise, but for Aang it seems like this should've happened back in Book 1.

When rewatching this, it made me wonder, one, how did Iroh get his message to Zuko, and how did Iroh manage to keep that head piece get past the guards that must've searched him when he got locked up? I only hope he didn't store it like Christopher Walken did for Bruce Willis' watch in Pulp Fiction, if you know what I mean.

I only wish Zuko wore the headpiece at some point in the show. :(

In any case, I think everyone liked this one alright, but the timing was a bit late since everyone had already forgotten who Roku was.

And it's kinda funny how everyone says Korra is a bad Avatar when Roku REALLY messed up in not at all keeping tabs on what the Fire Lord was ding for over a DECADE. Seriously, Roku really messed up. And I do think even his death was a little lame. He should've just airbent an air helmet around his head. So yeah, I'm not really a Rou fan. Not at all.

So not a bad episode except for it's very late placement in the show, and mind boggling questions surrounding that headpiece. Liked by everyone alright, but not my personal favorite since I'm not really a Roku fan.

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