Not the best of viewings. Everybody seeded preoccupied by their own thoughts, almost to the point where I think they missed a lot of information, as evidenced by the fact I had to explain a lot of it afterwards. Still, Azula had left her mark on the show, and everybody can already agree that she's an epic villain. By comparison, I think they found a lot of the Team Avatar scenes boring by comparison. I do think that not much attention was paid to certain scenes, making them unable to pick up on the subtleties of certain scenes. Maybe on the nest viewing, if there ever is one. I don't think they even noticed Azula's lightning bending. :(

However, I do think that 2 scenes in particular got their attention. One, Roku's revealing to Aang that if he dies while in the Avatar State, the Avatar cycle will break, and two, Zuko and Iroh's 'deserting' from the Fire Nation. Adding yet more to my mother's theory of Zuko being a 'wild card' in his loyalties. She knows more than she thinks.

Here's something else interesting. Since my family is now one with the Book 1 DVDS I bought, I'm going to loan them to my local postlady, who's named Aurora. She's a big fan of the Lord of the Rings, and other such epic stories, so I figure she'll enjoy the show. She also has a 7-year-old son who was obviously too young to enjoy the show, so both of them will be able to find some thing to enjoy, I' sure. She'll enjoy the complex story, and he'll enjoy the visuals and goofy moments, no doubt. And while I wont be able to chronicle her viewing, I'll be sure to leave updates as to what Aurora thinks as I get the information. That should be fun.

On a side note, I'm going to ask for the first 2 Books of Korra on DVD for Christmas gifts. If I get them, we may be viewing Korra after the New Year. That should be... Interesting. :/

Nothing more to report this time around, guys. Stay gold.

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