This was one of the worst viewings ever. Let me explain. Firstly, as I predicted, everyone forgot everything about King Bumi and all of Omashu. But tat' the least of the problem. Everybody talked throughout the first few minutes, my father was late to dinner after talking with a friend on the phone, and we had to start without him, and so eh wasn't able o sit down and pretty much missed Ty Lee's and Mai's introductions. The overall lack of attention pad by everyone was sad. But in the end, I suppose not much happened in this episode anyway. Basically it served to tell Aang that he needs a new Earthbending teacher. And while I may have to remind them now who Mai and Ty Lee are, maybe tonight's miserable viewing won't amount to much. I would have more to say, but ultimately there isn't all that much to say.

In other news, my friend Aurora was unable to start the series over the past weekend due to a visit from the in-laws, but when I last talked to her yesterday she mentioned that she would try to start the series this week. Perhaps next time I see her, I'll have news of her viewings, as well as my own family's. Well, not much else to say this time, better luck nest time, right guys? Take care, I guess.

Personal problems still persist. But I shall not give up the good fight of truth and justice. Later.

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