Not much to say, so this one is going to be short. This was about as bad of a viewing has I could have feared. Not that nobody liked the episode, no, everyone liked it just fine. But everyone was off doing something else. Going to the bathroom, putting away dishes, talking, what have you. Ultimately they missed a LOT of the episode. They missed Iroh's words to Zuko, and that's a real shame. However, I suppose maybe the fact they didn't see 100% of the episode is mad slightly less major since not really a lot happens here. They mostly just missed the scenes with Jet, and those ultimately maybe don't matter. But still. I really hope that something like this doesn't happen again, or at least not with the episodes that matter. I'd rather they not pay attention to the Headband rather than The Day of Black Sun, you know?

Anyway, Appa is back, and everyone's happy about that. In retrospect, I suppose that Appa's disappearance wasn't as shocking as I hoped The real weight of it all seemed to reach it's height at The Desert, and didn't feel as important in later episodes such as the Serpent's Pass. Maybe if it had lasted longer, or at been more powerful n the later episodes. In any case, the emotional backbone of the season is over. Sadly, the season is almost over. We should be done with the whole series by December, I bet. We should be done with this season by the end of the month, I think, too. Very good.

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