This was a so-so episode, and that showed in the watching. The episode was enjoyed, sue, but not as much as the last episode. However, this episode marks the first time I noticed mom and dad actually wanted to see one on their own suggestion instead of me bringing it up first. And seeing two in two days? Now this is a step in the right direction!

I think this episode did some good for Sokka though. His character is getting fleshed out more. I think he's one of my Mom's favorites, after Appa, of course. XD Not much to say, good episode, and I think we'll be watching more soon. I hope they'll remember Jet for when he returns in Book 2. Heck, I wonder if they'll even remember Suki at all? Guess we'll find out.

Skipping "The Fortuneteller", because it's useless. Next episode: Bato of the Water Tribe. Almost done with Book 1! :D

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