Oh. My. Glob. This is the turning point for the show. THIS is the most exceptional episode yet, and EVERYONE paid attention. Even My sister, who won't admit anything good about this show, was watching intently. This was the first episode I thin everybody go really invested in, emotionally, even if it was just a bit. Like when that old man betrays Haru. For the first time while watching this show, an animated character evoked emotional response from the viewers that would be the same even if this wasn't an animated program. Very, very good.

This is a huge leap forward or the show. I genuinely believe that the family really wants to see the nest chapter now. That want to see what happens to that necklace. They want to see more, and boy am I gonna give it to them. The next episode we shall see is the Storm. Now that we have a conflict in the form of the time frame of Sozin's Comet, and the characters are finally very well developed, the time has come to know the backstory of Aang and Zuko.

I feel like Zuko has really been cheated these first few episodes. Fully understanding Zuko's motivation will help tremendously later on, an that's why I'm moving the Storm up a few episodes. My audience needs to know the backstories of our main characters asap, and unless I am mistaken, there's no real reason to wait until after Jet, The Waterbending Scroll, etc. No reason at all.

Family notes: Mom noted that Appa's is like a "buffalo, cat, caterpillar, platypus hybrid' and likes his design. Everybody likes Appa.

Dad likes Appa. And Momo too, but especially Appa. When I ask if he's in the mood for a new episode, hell remark "Sure I want to see more of the flying bison". Why, we all even had a little talk today about the practicality of having a giant flying buffalo at your disposal.

When I asked my sister if she liked the episode or not, she replied with a 'meh'. This may seem rude to such a good show, but this is actually an improvement. Before, when asked if she liked it, she would always say 'no'. Meh is better than no. : ) We are making headway. This show will break her yet.

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