Another very good viewing, I'd say, this time with a lot of jokes that worked and some that didn't. I even noticed things I had never seen before, such as that booger joke. Regardless, like I said, a lot of the episode worked. I think finally seeing a normal animal like Basco was refreshing for everyone, and the overall 1984-ish qualities of the city are developing well. But of course, there are some things they didn't get. Remember that guy on the train in the beginning sucking on a corn cob? Invader Zim reference. I didn't even know that until recently, and you can be sure they didn't understand it. So I'd say the stuff that didn't work wasn't because the jokes were bad, it was just ignorance on my parent's part. Off topic, but my favorite Momoment is in this episode, wen he walks on screen wrapped in a curtain and a gong sounds. XD Something about it is just o funny to me.

I went ahead and spoiled that the Dai Li are brainwashing Ju Dees, as that would make it easier to remember. Some things must be spoiled for the benefit of the viewing. Some things I don't need to help them with though. Heck, they were able to figure out Long Feng was a bad guy in his first 4 minutes on screen. Also, as his character is being re-explained on screen, more and more, I think Jet is beginning to be less of a drag and more of a genuine character. He's a good parallel to my father, who has similar feelings about certain cultures like Jet does about firebenders. Maybe this striking similarity will sink into his mind and maybe realize that not everybody in a given nation holds the exact same mindset. I doubt it, though. :/ That much hate will never leave him, I think.

Another thing I noticed, the fight scene in this episode between Jet and Zuko is actually the only battle in the whole series I think that doesn't use any bending of any kind. Interesting, I think

As they are seeing, all is not well within the Walls. Tension is raising. And while the next episode might not have much in the way of action, I think we can all agree that The Tales of Ba Sing Se, and especially that of Iroh, will leave an impact all it's own. Stay gold, guys.

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