The last viewing before the break we're forced to make, as one can't really enjoy a show as epic as the second half of Avatar on the go, with a mere laptop or some puny portable dvd player. It has to be seen on the big 70" flat screen to be truly enjoyed, you know?

Now, on to the episode itself, and everyone's take on it. First things first, the main thing on everyone's mind was if Iroh was alive or dead. Why they would think he was dead when we early see him still breathing at the end of the last episodes beyond me, But I think everyone was glad to see him recover. i think this episode also had some really good Sokka moments, as most of his scenes really hit home on their comedy. Sokka's transformation from jerk to loveable character is awesome, and everyone will certainty get a kick out of him in episodes to come.

it was nice seeing some of the philosophy behind Earthbending, as we really don't get much that anywhere else in the series except for a brief bit in 'The Deserter'. Also, I think Toph came off as more or less likeable in this one. My mother was convinced that Toph's insensitive teaching methods were a result of her age and inexperience. Now of course, we know this is in correct, as there's really no way to teach Earthbending sensitively. it's practically a contradiction!

As far as Toph's teaching goes, of course she did what she had to do, a she thought best. And hey, it worked. if anything, I felt kind of annoyed at Katara butting in. Leave Toph alone to teach, you know? maybe this episode could have used a bit less Katara and maybe a bit more Zuko. Still a good episode.

As far as the Zuko/Iroh subplot goes, if nobody noticed Azula's lightning bending before, it's certainly been engrained in their minds now. good Iroh moments and some nice development for Zuko, especially on that mountain at the end. Now as far as that end goes, I'm all with Mr. Walker that if only thy had had more time to allow better pacing, and if we could have just had a few more seconds on that mountain it would have been eve more truly epic. Now my parents who are less experienced with how great cinema works, disagrees saying that it wouldn't have mattered since the outcome would have been the same. Tisk tisk. more time is NEVER a bad thing when it come to Avatar, and with more time comes a better opportunity to make even more perfect product. Do they not know this? My parents are ignorant. Ah well.

Also, Toph stealing Aang's nuts and him having to get them back may or may not be a reference to something else. I'll leave that up to you guys.

So begins an intermission, placed by careful planning exactly halfway through the show. I'd like to thank you all for coming with me on this great journey to spread Avatar to those who can appreciate it. After this short but busy break, I hope you'll all join me again as we hit the show hard and fast from that point on. Stay gold, everybody. See ya.

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