Three episodes in as many days? Now this is what I'm talking about! :D Another very enjoyed episode, thought not a whole lot to say. Everyone greed that t was kinda out of character for Aang to hide the map from Sokka and Katara, and they enjoyed seeing Appa fight and help in the final battle. Interesting thing, somebody mentioned that June looks like Joan Jett, and I think she'll have that as her nickname for now on, but as she appears only in one more episode, it might not matter anyway, they'll probably forget about her anyway. I swear, my parents will forget about Suki even when she's on screen. Maybe they'll be interested in rewatching the series after we get it all done, to catch all the little things we missed.

Good to have the necklace mini-arc over with, and we're sure getting done with Book 1 fast. My dad once again suggested tonight's episode. He WANTED to see more. That's fantastic, as other shows I've tried to introduce (Which I'll admit were not very good) had to almost be forced on everyone. Everyone is really enjoying this show, though (except my stick-in-the-mud sister), and this is fantastic!

Like I said, everyone enjoyed tonight's episode a lot, and for all I know, we might even watch another episode tomorrow night. At this rate, we might even stat Book two soon. Very good. Well, see you guys on the next one, hopefully soon. Sorry if these recent posts have been short.

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