I'm thoroughly convinced that it is impossible for this family to watch more than 2 episodes a week. There was such a long time in between The Spirit World and this episode, the family had forgotten everything, as I had feared. I hope though that we can slowly finish this season before the end of September, as that's when we plan to go on a vacation, and that'll make them forget EVERYTHING. We just cannot leave mid season, even for a short amount of time. We must get through Bok 1 at the perfect time if this is going to work. With luck, I'll be able to finish sooner than that, because who can focus on a TV show when your mind is filled with thoughts of packing bags?

Anyway, the viewing of this episode was kind of boring. Dialogue like Katara's "I'm not ready to lose you, Aang" was mocked for the obvious crush it was, but for the most part a lot of the episode fell flat to the viewers. However, some parts did actually interest them. Such as if the Gaang should trust that one Fire Sage, or just who was the Fire Lord. Now that we now about the comet, we finally have our conflict for the show. The drama can now pick p, as we know it does. I plan to show them Imprisoned, and then go straight to the Storm and the Blue Spirit. The time has come for the family to fully understand Zuko and Aang's past. I think once we do that, they'll want to see more of it, sooner. The tension is needed, as so will come ASAP, skipping the Fortuneteller and the Great Divide, as they're not needed at all, and really do break the narrative.

Let me take this chance to do something I should have done from the get-go. Let me tell you about my Family. Firstly, we have my Dad. He's a very casual viewer of media, and oddly enough, he can appreciate a smart, well put together product, just as much as he can enjoy complete garbage (Baffling, I know). That said, I do believe he likes the show, but I'll admit and agree with him that some of Katara's dialog is annoying.

My mother really does like the show, and I thin she's the biggest fan so far. She likes the world, the powers, the people, the fights, and the animals. She agrees that for the first few episode not much happened, but she can appreciate the good character development, and is looking forward to Books 2 and 3, which I've kind of hyped as being really good.

Now my twin sister... Well, you'll never see a girl more like Azula crossed with Mai. Even when she had not seen a single episode, she had already decided that the show was boring and stupid. Now that she's seen 7 episodes, she still thinks this. This outlook does not help anything, but thankfully, she's not working her vile tongue against the show to discredit it with Mom and Dad. If she doesn't like it, so be it. But I personally think she'll be tuning into Sozin's Comet nonetheless. ;)

Despite nobody but my mother really paying attention to the show , I'd the viewing for this episode went well. Curiously enough, my mother cannot wrap her head around Momo. She keeps calling him a bat. XD I do my best to explain that he's a lemur-bat.

Now if I can only et them to watch an episode tonight so we can continue the darn story. Like I said, if we can just watch 2 episodes a week, with the possible 3 at the end of the season, I'll be happy. Wish me luck, guys.

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