This episode just spoke for itself, and for once, everyone let it. I had a little scare at first, as the phone rang right as we sat down and started. I know from past experience that sometimes my father can talk wit his friends for hours on end, so it's certainly good that it was just an advertisement.

Something remarkable about this viewing that I haven't seen I a long time is that nobody said anything during the whole thing, Everybody was paying close attention and I think they were genuinely concerned with Appa's well being. That's an awesome thing for any fictional character to be able to do to an audience, and it's even more impressive when the character can't even talk. The big guy certainly took a beating in this episode. Poor Appa.

So yeah, not much to say. Everybody enjoyed it, we're probably going to watch another one tonight, and I think everyone is going to be relieved as heck when Aang finally gets reunited with Appa.

Also, I'm glad to see my father didn't poke fun at racial stereotypes when Guru Pathik came on screen. He didn't even crack any Gandhi jokes. Here's hoping he won't as the season goes on. Nobody wants to hear that.

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