Being as this will be the last season of the Avatar franchise, I wanted to do something meaningful. And since Nick FINALLY has caught on to the idea of release consistency, one episode a week, I've decided to leave my thoughts on each episode as they come out. I'm not aware of too many other bloggers here that do this, and I would have done this with the other seasons of Korra, but back then I had no interest in keeping up any kind of blog, and was more interested in binge-watching them. I may be a bit late for the first episode or two depending on how long my vacation lasts, but I wish to try my best to provide and unique and detailed analysis of each chapter.

In doing these reviews, I'm going to try to leave my experiences with the last of Avatar for everyone to see, and perhaps re-experience in years to come. This is our last chance for a great season. I hope we all enjoy it while it's here and do our best to make it unforgettable. So if you guys like my style of writing, and are interested in what I have to say, I hope you'll tune in after the 3rd of October and see what I got. You might even want to do the same, before the end. Stay gold.

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