Let me tell you about an interesting situation I'm in. Being born of this generation, my feelings about people and culture are very respectful. I believe in freedom of religion and culture and action, and whatever people want to do as long as it's not hurting anyone or anything. I myself am currently very unsure about religion. I have no idea what happens after death. I think I'm being honest by admitting that. I don't think anyone knows, really. Coming from a very conservative, Christian family, this presents a problem.

Again, let me explain. I'm not saying every conservative family is like this, but my gosh is my family stupid. Grade A+ stupid. They believe in ridiculous notion and ideas and conspiracies. Example, my father believes that people from other countries are just genetically worse and dumber than (white) Americans, and shouldn't be allowed to live and make the world stupider. 0_0 Damn. Nor should there be interracial marriage, as that 'deludes the white bloodline and makes us genetically inferior to our ancestors', (So too bad Aang and Katara, my dad hates you) and even believes that soccer, a simple sport, should be outlaws because it 'is an outward expression of hatred of American culture'. These... These ideas. -_-

I couldn't disagree more with the ideas of my father, and this is for one simple reason, I wish to be happy in life. You will never meet a happy conservative, as they are always mad at EVERYTING everybody does. More liberal people, however, always seem happy and kind and much more reasonable and open-heated people. I wish to be happy in life, in fact, ultimately, I think happiness is as much as any of us can ask for, right?

And now we get to how this affects Avatar. I've gotten in trouble for my 'live and let live' attitude. He says that such an attitude will get me killed by 'the white-hating blacks and Mexicans'. And simply being honest about life after death makes me 'blasphemy's and idiotic' New ideas and way of thinking? Not to be found here, and in fact they seem to be shunned. Me and my father argued for 3 1/2 hours about how me adopting 'the attitudes of Avatar' will make it impossible for us to live in peace as a family. Truly, this is ridiculous. I simply believe in respect and justice for ALL human beings, regardless of race, creed, and religion. But he doesn't, apparently, and this is where my concern comes from.

The fact that my father identified my attitude as related to Avatar and that he's so against it may mean we may have to stop watching it, unfortunately. :( I really hope that we can out our differences behind us and just enjoy a great show, but I fear this may be impossible. My father is void of reason. He is so sure that what he knows is right, he cannot, repeat, CANNOT allow himself to even consider any conflicting information, no matter how much sense it makes, or how much more humane it is. Can my father overlook these things and accept my way of thinking? Will we continue to watch the show? You guys all know respect is the way to live, so I sure won't change. I can't. I must believe what my heart and soul tell me to, and he probably won't change because he's a stubborn old man.

I can't guarantee anything about the future of Avatar's Parental Views, guys, but if there are no more, I felt it was important to explain why. Wish me luck guys. Wish me luck in dealing with such hatred and intolerance. :( Thanks for reading everyone. Stay gold.

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