Many of you no doubt remember my previous post on this wiki about how the episodes in Book 1: Water can be rearranged for a more cohesive story arc overall. Some agreed with my ideas, some didn't, but that's not the point of discussion here. After much research and episode viewing and study, I have finally fond an episode order that I wish to show my parents as they watch ATLA for the first time. I probably should have posted this much sooner, but up until now I was really kind of working it out. After all, the first 5 episodes have to be seen in the order they're in regardless just to get them out of the way, so that bought me some time to really finalize the meat of this season and how to tell it better. So without further delay, here's my episode order for my parent's viewings.

1: The Boy in the Iceberg/ The Avatar Returns (Seen as one episode

2: The Southern Air Temple

3: The King of Omashu

4: The Warriors of Kyoshi

5: The Spirit World

6: Avatar Roku

7: Imprisoned

8: The Waterbending Scroll

9: The Storm

10: The Blue Spirit

11: Jet

12: The Deserter

13: Bato of the Water Tribe

14: The Northern Air Temple

15: The Waterbending Master

16: The Siege of the North parts 1 & 2 (Seen as one episode)

Again, this is what I think is right, and if anybody cares, please feel free to eave a comment. Remember, I'm posting episode-by-episode summaries of my family's Avatar experience, and they're just now getting interested in this great show. So stay tuned for hopefully some pretty interesting things. : )

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