What can you say about perfection? How can you describe it? How can words do justice to what I have seen today?

In my humble opinion, this is the single best episode of Korra to date. I'm serious. And if this episode is any indication as to what's in store for us in the next 11 episodes, my friends we are in for a real treat. This will be the best season yet, mark my words. But my gosh what a fantastic episode. And no wonder, too, as it was written by Mr. DiMartino himself. I really can't get over just how perfect this episode was. Every detail, every touch nodding towards ATLA, and even the subtle imagery used to establish the passage of time.

ALL of the art was all amazing. ALL of the imagery was powerful, and ALL of the emotion captured on screen feels devastating, relatable, and heart-breaking. I almost shed a tear for Korra, something I haven't done since Uncle Iroh in the Tales of Ba Sing Se, and never felt at all for this series. Near perfection is something so few shows ever get for even the briefest of moments. This franchise has brought us greatness before, and this episode proves we can have greatness again. And we will, too, I believe.

It just works so well, like the best of the world of Avatar just thrown into a blender for 22 minutes. The paces we got to see again, The Swamp, the South Pole, and even places unknown to us. It all just works so well. Even the comedy, or what little there was, was perfectly done. Allow me to touch on a few of the things I found noteworthy. Firstly, that picture of Aang. Yes. That's all there is to say about it, yes, yes, yes! Secondly, all the little nods to ATLA both subtle and up front. Korra cutting her hair is very Zuko-like, I think. Katara came back, and for the first time ever was allowed enough screen time to really feel like Katara again. Every line she said was perfectly written for Katara. I really hope her, Toph, and Zuko get together sometime in this season. If they don't it'll be a true waste.

Going on a side note, truly Korra's emotional journey is one of the most captivating and heartbreaking I've ever seen on screen. I love to no end the dilemma she faced in the flashback, simply learning to walk again. What a genuinely human problem, especially for one who just went through such trauma. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time, frankly. Aang always seemed to have problems one could relate to; duty, doing the right thing, not always having all the answers, etc. Korra never seemed to have those problems, mostly due to her age and upbringing, I think. Yes, Korra has had her rough times, but Aang simply wen through more. And throughout all of what Korra has gone through, I never really felt much genuine sympathy for her character. Here, though, I do. They've made her plight much less of an Avatar problem and more of just a human problem, or in this case, a mental problem. I simply feel more sorry for a person slowly sinking into madness than someone who just got their bending taken away, or their connection to a spirit lost. Seeing this unfold on screen almost reinvents Korra, and I think for the better.

Another thing is that this episode doesn't feel as short as it is. It honestly felt like I had just watched at least 40 minutes of material. They packed so much into so little time, major kudos to them.

Well, I guess you guys would hate me if I didn't mention Toph at all in this episode. Trust me, I'm has excited as all of you for the nest episode. I can't wait to see where this goes. I also love how Korra inherited the nickname 'Twinkle toes'. Brilliant move, Mike and Bryan. Now if only this hadn't been teased in the trailer so it would have been a total shock. Oh well.

Guess that just about covers it. Thanks for reading, guys.

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