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  • AvatarMako

    I really like this episode.

    While I'm not sure if the misleading intro it a cheat or not, but in any case, I do like this episode a lot.

    I could see that everyone was a little fooled by this episode as they thought it'd just be noting but Katara and Toph fighting. But they evolve really nicely, I think, and by the end they really feel more like friends than they ever had before. I don't know how well the other picked up on this, but it was nice to see Toph finally start to open up a bit towards the rest of the team, and try to be friends with Katara. This episode also had some darn good writing, especially that scene where Sokka talks with Toph about his mom. Also a lot of good jokes, my personal favorite being "I know you guys did this! Top…

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  • AvatarMako

    Well, that was a hell of a hiatus, and an unexpected one too. I'm sorry for that, but I had a lot of personal projects and holidays and birthdays to take care of, plus I just haven't been motivated. We finished the show about 9 days ago, and while I don't remember all the events that happened in all the episode's viewings, I'll do my best to sum them up as well as I can.

    This episode was good, it explained everything we needed to know about Roku, and while the placement was perfect for Zuko's story, I can't help but think that Aang's point of view of it seemed really rushed. It's like Roku showed up and said "Oh hey Aang, I forgot to tell you my whole backstory back when you could've used it, so I'll just tell it to you now." Again, Zuko's…

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  • AvatarMako

    Upon watching Enemy at the Gate, I knew I had to wait to review it with the next episode, as I really thought that they would feel like a two-parter. I was korrect about that. I wish that they had showed the Battle of Zaofu along with Enemy at the Gate, but better late than never. In any case, that explains the delay in my reviews. Onwards to my thoughts. Let's do them one at a time.

    Enemy at the Gate: This episode knew very well how to create tension. It built it nice and slow, gave the political struggles time to shine, which was done exceptionally well for any kind of TV show, let alone an animated show. The threat of the Earth Empire feels very genuine and seeing that their goal of reuniting the former EK is complete, I fear Kuvira ma…

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  • AvatarMako

    Parental Views: The Beach

    November 13, 2014 by AvatarMako

    Oh boy, this episode is pretty hard to watch. I think it's like 90% fluff, and it doesn't even try to hide it. Episodes like are hard to watch for me because they're just. So. Boring. Nothing really happened at all in this episode, and I honestly would have skipped it if not for a few select scenes. Let me make one thing clear, it's good spending time with Zuko, I'm always for more Zuko, and his scenes are the best. And needless to say, his internal conflict is interesting to say (and I hope that everyone present understands what's going on with him), but Mai and Ty Lee are such uninteresting characters over all that they kill the episode for me. Even most of Azula's scenes are pretty useless. I mean, trying to get boys? Really, Azula? As…

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  • AvatarMako

    The Painted Lady was skipped. There was no need to watch such filler.

    Sorry for the delay on this post, I've had a busy week personally. Just had my 19th birthday, helped out some of my friends with projects, etc. Anyway, onto the episode.

    This episode did a great job at what it was supposed to do; it made Sokka likeable. While the distinguished Mr. Walker might not think this episode is at all needed, I think it is. I said before that Katara is a hit or miss character a lot of the time, but Sokka is mostly a miss character. Very seldom do his jokes hit their mark (often, they're meant to be lame). And VERY often, Sokka just feels like pure comic relief.

    But this Book does something really great for Sokka, I think. He at last evolves. If you…

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