(Book 4 will have 20 episodes)

Avatar: The Legend of Aang

Water, Earth, Fire, Air…

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony

Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

For a hundred years the Fire Nation dominated the world


The new Avatar appeared and defeated the Fire Lord

Hereby, he brought peace and justice to the four nations and restored balance to the world

But, the Fire Nation holds more secrets

And as the time passes, Aang will have to face his biggest challenge yet.

Book 4: Air


Chapter One: The Air Nomads

In a peaceful corner of the world the clouds encircled a vast structure, decorated with dozens of shining ornaments. It was the home of a peaceful, pacifist tribe. Clad in orange robes these monks dedicated all their lives to a wonderful art, which they practiced all the time. They were the benders of what we breathe.

They were Airbenders. From all Four Nations they were by far the kindest and the most tolerant, just like the air itself. You cannot feel it, until you move through it.

However, they were also the most sincere. Their schedules were tight and there was almost no spare time left. The trainings were harsh, just like the mentors themselves, but in order to gain discipline you have to make sacrifices.

A bunch of kids was playing in the courtyard under the supervision of their mentors. They were Airbenders and were also clad in orange robes. They used their abilites to fool around a little, in great displeasure to the monks. In their opinion spare time was wasted time. A small bold boy used Airbending to make an airbubble for himself. Then he jumped on it and used his Airbending skills to steer the bubble. It was a funny sight, but it was not appreciated by a grumpy old Air monk watching from the side.

As the boy with the blue tattoos passed by, he touched one of his friends, causing him friend to unmount his air bubble. The boy unmounted his air bubble as well.

"Gotcha", Aang said triumphant.

He seemed to have gained attention, because more pupils came to stand around him.

"No. You cheated!", his friend said outraged, pointing his finger just before Aangs nose in a threatening way.

Aang stepped aside and tried to get away from the converging crowd.

"Of course he did, he's the Avatar. He must have used another type of bending to win this game", a boy from the crowd said.

All of the boys around him seemed to nod, all in the same way. Aang tried to pull himself back, but he couldn't. He was surrounded by his own friends.

"Well, I didn't CHOOSE to be the Avatar. It just happened to me. I don't want to be, anyway", Aang threw back at them. "By the way. I don't even know to bend other elements."

The others didn't look as impressed as he thought they would.

"Of course you don't. That's why you're still here!", some Airbender from the crowd said.

The crowd still seemed to oppose Aang and that made him feel uncomfortable. He felt powerless against them, even though he was the Avatar. It had never proven to be an advantage. It just made him different than the rest.

Aang felt that he started to get angry.

"Just listen to me", Aang frowned. "I don't want to be the Avatar at all. It's just mere coincedence that I am!"

His friend was quite impressed by his outrage. At least, he seemed to be.

"You know, that's right, but it's still not fair that you play with us! I'm sorry, Aang", his friend said with a bowed head. He really expressed that he was sorry that Aang was shut out of the friend's group.


Aang couldn't believe his ears. Did they just tell him they didn't want him anymore? Did they just tell him they don't need him anymore? How harsh could the world possibly be. Now, Aang only got his senior friends left: The elder monks.

He tried to wring himself through te crowd, but they were blocking him. More and more, Aang felt that he was shut out and that they didn't feel any compassion for him. For the first time in his life he felt alone.

An Air monk called from the ceiling: "Aang, playtime's over. You must resume your training."

"But I've only been here for like five minutes. Can't I just play on for like half an hour?"

"Half an hour? Are you out of your mind? How could you even possibly think of that?"

"Take him!", some orphan said. "We won't be needing him anyway."

"See? Even your friends say you've been here for a while", the monk said.

"They're not my friends", Aang said with a sad face. "Not anymore."

"Come with me", the monk said, making a gesture.

Aang obeyed the man and lifted himself up using an air blast. Then he followed him into a vast room. He looked around and saw all kinds of pictures resembling Air Masters.

"Aang" , the monk said. "Do you know why you're here?"

"I guess because I'm the Avatar and I'm supposed to master all elements", Aang said after a short hesitation.

"True", the man said. "But can you think of another reason?", the monk asked him.

"Well… uhhh…" He paused. "Nope!"

"I figured you wouldn't. Well, don't you recognize these guys? Don't they seem familiar to you?"

"Of course not! I never even saw them! Who are they anyway?"

"Oh, but these are your forefathers, Avatar Aang. These are the Avatars before you."

"That must mean they're dead!", he said.

"That's right. They're not alive, but they're inside you and you could call them any minute you want as long as they want to answer you."

Another monk entered the room. He ran to Aangs master.

"Master, there's someone to see you", he said.

"Oh really? Who is it?", the monk asked.

"He wouldn't say, but he is from the Fire Nation. I recognized his emblem!"

"Warn the others! Tell them we'll welcome our most honored visitor."

"Right away, Master." They bowed to each other. Then the monk turned to Aang.

"Aang, you stay here while we welcome our visitor. I count on you."

Then the monk pushed his hand against a wall right in between the portraits of Kyoshi and Roku. Suddenly the wall started moving and a secret passage was revealed. The monk walked into it.

"Stay here!", he said when he saw Aang had moved. And then he was gone.

Aang woke up in a large room in the Royal Palace. He was meditating and discovered that he was actually daydreaming. That moment Katara came in.

"Oh, I'm sorry Aang. I didn't know you were meditating. I just heard from Zuko that you were here so I…well."

"It's okay, Katara. I wasn't meditating anyway. I just found out that I was daydreaming", Aang said.

They laughed.

"But, anyway", Aang continued. "Why did you want to see me, again?"

"Oh, look at the time! I just realized how late it is and I have to go. Later Aang!"

She left. Then Sokka came in.

"Hi, Aang. Have you seen my sister. She's been acting really weird lately."

"She just left. She came in a few minutes ago. I think you just missed her", Aang replied.

"In that case I must hit the road. Bye Aang!"

And Sokka was gone too.

"What's with everyone?", Aang said to himself out loud.

Only Momo still sat beside him, making some noise.

Toph entered the room.

"Hey there, Twinkle Toes!", she greeted him.

"If you're looking for Sokka or Katara, they've just been here!", Aang said, annoyed.

"I wasn't looking for them. I was looking for you. How's your Earthbending, Twinkle Toes?

She shot a rock at him. Aang just raised his hand and used Earthbending too to block the boulder.

"Never been better", Aang said shoulder-raising.

"Aww, well. Maybe I was looking for Sokka after all. Do you have any idea where he went?", Toph asked.

"Nope", Aang replied.

"You're lying. I can tell!", Toph said raising her voice.

"I thought he said he was looking for Katara, but I'm not sure", Aang quickly added.

"And I suppose you don't know where Katara is", Toph said.

"You're right. I don't."

"Ugh. Do I have to do everything myself? Sokka, wherever you are. I'm coming to get you, right now!", Toph yelled.

Then she left.

Aang stood up out of his lotus-stance.

"Come on, Momo. Let's check on everyone!"

Momo jumped on his shoulder and they left the room. Aang entered a whole labyrinth of halls and chambers and he only saw Toph in front of him.

"Wait!", Aang said. "Toph, I'm coming with you."

"All right, Twinkle Toes. I sense they are…", she tried to sense them with her feet, "this way!", and she pointed left.

"Are you sure?", Aang asked her.

"I'm sure", she replied.

"Great! Then let's catch up with them."

They walked down a couple halls and stairs and they finally got there. They were in front of a huge metal gate with golden door buds. Katara and Sokka were in front of it, arguing.

"You said that bringing Toph wasn't a good idea!", Katara yelled at Sokka.

"Wait a minute! Who thought that bringing Aang wouldn't be so great!", Sokka yelled back.

"HEY, WE'RE RIGHT HERE!", Toph and Aang yelled at the same time.

Shocked, Sokka and Katara turned their heads to face an angry Aang and Toph.

"Oh, we're sorry, aren't we Sokka?", Katara said trying to make it up with them.

"Yeah, of course we are. We didn't mean to offend you", Sokka said.

"Yeah, yeah, save your excuses for some other time! Now, what do we have to do?", Toph asked.

"Well", Katara said, "this door is made of metal and since you can Metalbend we thought that you might be able to open it." She paused. "Well, I thought it was a good idea, but my brother thinks otherwise."

"Katara, that's no metal", Sokka said, "it may look like it, but it isn't. Trust me."

"He's right", Toph said, already touching the vast gate. "This is no metal, but I'm not sure what it is."

"Can you at least TRY to bend it?", Sokka asked.

"Of course", Toph said and she tried, but it didn't work. "I can't", she said. "This is impossible to bend."

"No, it isn't", Aang said. "Do you see those small puppets on top of the gate? Katara, I think you should Bloodbend them onto their sockets."

"No, Aang, I can't!", Katara said and she lowered her head.

"Katara, I need you to do this!", Aang said.

"I said no! I will never ever use Bloodbending again!", Katara said.

Then she started to cry. Aang tried to comfort her.

"I know it's hard, Katara, but you should try it. Remember when I swore that I would never Firebend again after I burned you?"

Katara nodded.

"But you learned afterward that Firebending isn't just destruction", she said.

"I'm sure that there's a good cause to use Bloodbending", Aang reassured her.

"I guess you're right, Aang. Let's give it a try.", Katara said, wiping her face.

Katara Bloodbended the two puppets onto their sockets and they heard a loud bang.

Then the vast gate slowly opened, revealing an almost empty room. There were only a few documents scattered all over the floor. Aang picked a half burned one and read it out loud:

"After the Fire Nation's assault on Ba Sing Se, we Airbenders knew we weren't safe. For the Avatar was born in our Nation, we knew that the day would come they'd attack us. And when they did we hi…"

"That's all there is I'm afraid", Aang said.

"Aang", Katara said a lot happier than a few moments ago, "don't you know what this means? This means that there might be survivors among the Air Nomads."

"Impossible", Aang said. "There couldn't be any survivors, could there?"

"Of course it's possible! Don't you see, Aang? It's right on that paper you're holding. You read it yourself: And when they did we hid ourselves somewhere safe."

"You're right", Sokka said. "Finally, you're right!"

"I'm FINALLY right? Am I FINALLY right?", Katara asked raising her voice.

"Oh oh", Aang said quietly to Sokka.

"Yep, there you have it. Here we go again.", he whispered back.

What followed was an outraged Katara yelling at Sokka.

So, five minutes later Katara sighed deep next to Sokka and Aang and Toph were already gone.

"What", Sokka said. "Where'd they go?"

"Who do you mean?", Katara asked.

"Your boyfriend", Sokka replied.

"What is it about Aang?", she said and she quickly covered her mouth with her hands , looking terrified.

Sokka realized it and he looked terrified too for one moment. Then he grinned at her.

"Do you have a crush on Aang? Are you in love with the Avatar?", Sokka asked grinning.

"Don't tell anyone, Sokkka. I mean it!", Katara said.

Then she started to Bloodbend him. Sokka screamed.

"Ow, stop, stop, stop! Come on. This isn't funny. Please stoooop!", he yelled.

"You will not tell anyone. Do I make myself clear?", she asked.

"Yeah, please stop! It hurts! It huuuuurts!", Sokka screamed.

Katara lowered her arms.

"Good", she said. "I'm glad I can depend on you."

"Sheesh, Katara, you're just like Azula with your Bloodbending", Sokka said.

"And I'm sure Zuko won't like the decision you made."

"Wait a minute, Zuko? The one who hunted us down nearly six months. That Zuko?"

"Yep, and I'm sure he wants you to be his Fire Lady."

Katara frowned one eyebrow.

"Nah, just kidding!", Sokka said. "Besides, Zuko would never want someone not Fire Nation to marry him."

"I suppose you're right. I'm sure Zuko would never want that", Katara said.

"What would I never want?", Zuko asked them when he discovered them in his father's office.

"And what are you guys doing in my father's office?"

"Nothing", Sokka said, trying to act natural.

"That gate could only be opened by using Bloodbending. And my father's waterbender servant was the only one mastering that technique. How did you open it?"

"Well, just like you said. We used Bloodbending", Katara said. "I mean, I used Bloodbending."

"Right. From now on, everyone is prohibited from opening doors in this palace without my permission. Do I make myself clear?" Zuko asked.

"Yes, Zuko, we get it. Now can we please use this gate to leave this room?", Sokka asked.

"Fire Lord Zuko."

"Okay, Fire Lord Zuko. Can we please use this door to leave this room?"

"Permission granted. You may leave this room.", Zuko replied.

"Great, bye Zuko!", Katara said.

"Bye, Katara", Zuko said, watching her leave the room. Then he started talking to himself.

"What am I doing! I can't fall in love with her. I can't break Mai's heart again. If I do that she'll kill me! On the other hand: Being with Katara will make me a lot happier than being with Mai. Ugh, why is it always so complicated? Why can't I just live an easy life just like Azula did? What would uncle say?"

He did an imitation of Iroh and while he plucked his "beard" he tried to imitate his voice as well.

"Zuko, you must do what you think is right, then you will be a happy man. Not very helpful, uncle."

Then Mai entered the room.

"Zuko, what are you doing here?", she asked. "Weren't you looking for your mother?"

"Yes, I was, but my father wouldn't talk. He won't say where mother is."

Zuko began to release small tears.

"I'm afraid I'm never going to see her again, ever."

"Oh Zuko, come here", Mai tried to comfort him while she hugged and kissed him.

When they released each other Zuko said he was going to ask Azula.

"I'm sure she knows more about this, because she didn't like me being mum's favorite child. She always got what she wanted except for mother's love."

Zuko entered Azula's prison cell.

"Ah, Zuzu, I wondered when you'd come to visit me", she teased him.

"I'm here for a reason and that's not visiting you because I miss you", Zuko said.

"Where is mother?", he asked.

"I don't know", Azula replied.

"Liar!", Zuko said, shooting fire out of his fists. He started to become angry.

"You're the only one my father trusted completely, so he's had to tell you that!"

"Silly Zuzu, why'd he tell me where mother is? I loved her too you know. Besides, I don't really care knowing that!"

"Azula, I'm asking you one more time. Please, do it for me", Zuko went down on his knees. "Where is mother? Tell me, I need to know!"

"I already said that I don't know", Azula replied.

"Liar!", Zuko yelled and he started to make some strange movements with his arms. He makes some lightning and tortured his sister.

"Do you want this to end in a harder way? Shotting lightning to Azula

"No! Stop!!, It hurts!" with a painful voice

"I dont need your painful looking face,Azula! I need to know where mother is!!", Zuko said with a angry looking face

Then Zuko preparing for his one powerful lightning shot

"She's at Ba Sing Se!", Azula screamed in pain.

When Zuko heard it, He shot his lightning to the wall

"Father banished her and sent her to Ba Sing Se", Azula said.

"Is that true?", Zuko asked.

"Of course it's true. Why'd I lie to you? If I did I know you'd come back for me and torture me even more."

"You'd better hope it's true!", Zuko said and he left.

Meanwhile, Aang found the others in the main hall.

"I'm going to the Southern Air Temple", he said. "And I will find the surviving Airbenders. I promise."

"I'm with Aang", Toph said.

"Me too", Sokka said.

"Count me in", Katara said.

"Me too", a girl from around the corner said.

"Suki!", Sokka ran to her to hug her and Suki ran to him too. There, they hugged and kissed for a very long time.

"This is going to be amazing!", Toph said full of sarcasm.

"Well, if you're all coming with me I guess we'd better find Appa", Aang said.

"No need", Sokka said. "Momo already found him."

"Really, where?"

"Behind you."

Appa flew into the room and stopped by to give Aang a lick.

"Yep, that's Appa all right. I could smell him miles away", Toph said.

When everyone sat on Appa the Avatar released the magic words:

"To the Southern Air Temple. Appa, yip, yip!"

And they flew off…

Meanwhile in Ba Sing Se…

The Dai Li were talking to an awful familiar Fire Nation Admiral within the walls of the Earth King's Palace.

"The Fire Lord has fallen, admiral"

"Has he?", Zhao asked surprised.

"Yes, he's been defeated by the Avatar", the Dai Li replied.

" In that case Zuko must be the new Fire Lord and he should be coming this way", Zhao said in a threatening way.

Then he turned his head and looked at the Fire Lord's mother.

"Yes, Ursa. I'm sure your son will come to save you. And when he does, I'll have my revenge!"

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