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    While Aang and his friends journeyed to the Southern Air Temple they had to make a stop. Katara was sent out to go to the local village to find some food. In the village she found Poluka, a Firebender from the Colonies. Meanwhile Zuko snuck away, stole an air balloon and headed to Ba Sing Se. When he got there he was recognized by his ex-girlfriend who never knew he was the new Fire Lord. When she found out she started to attack him, but she lost. Then he was challenged to an agni-kai with Zhao which he accepted to win his mother back…

    Book 4: Air

    'Chapter Three: Wrath of the Firebender Part Two'

    Zhao shot a fireball at Zuko. Zuko responded quickly and jumped away. Then he came back at him with a fire whip. He hit Zhao on the shoul…

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    Aang had a flashback about his life in the Southern Air Temple. Then, he and his friends discovered a gate that leaded to Ozai's office. There Aang found a scroll that told him that the Air Nomads could still have survived. Also, Zuko tortured his sister to find out about his mother who is in Ba Sing Se. Meanwhile in Ba Sing Se an old Fire Nation Admiral held Zuko's mother hostage.

    Book 4: Air

    'Chapter Two: Wrath of the Firebender Part One'

    Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Momo and Suki were flying on Appa. They have flown for a day and since they left the Fire Nation they still haven't seen any land until today.

    "There, land!", Toph yelled.

    "Where, I don't see it!", Sokka yelled back.

    "I'm blind, you silly! Of course I can't see land!", To…

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    (Book 4 will have 20 episodes)

    Avatar: The Legend of Aang

    Water, Earth, Fire, Air…

    Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony

    Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.

    For a hundred years the Fire Nation dominated the world


    The new Avatar appeared and defeated the Fire Lord

    Hereby, he brought peace and justice to the four nations and restored balance to the world

    But, the Fire Nation holds more secrets

    And as the time passes, Aang will have to face his biggest challenge yet.

    Book 4: Air


    Chapter One: The Air Nomads

    In a peaceful corner of the world the clouds encircled a vast structure, decorated with dozens of shining ornaments. It was the home of a peaceful, pacifist tribe. Clad in orange robes these monks dedicated al…

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