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  • I am a nerd. I love Avatar. I also enjoy books, and that might contribute to my being too smart for my own good.
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    For a while, I've been wondering: Why did Azula go mad?

    Was is bad blood? (Personally, I think that could be a legitimate reason, considering her ancestry). Was she simply crazy since the beginning? Was it the fact that she just could not handle the power she was given?

    Those are all good ideas, in my opinion. But when I got to thinking, perhaps there is another reason, that caused her to appear stable in the beginning, and go mad around the end. What actually caused her to cross the edge?

    Think. Did she appear insane when we first saw her? No. She seemed evil, and more than once we may have called her crazy, but she really hadn't gone insane yet. She didn't go insane until the end of the series.

    What event happened towards the end of the seriā€¦

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