So many of the people on this wiki criticize the show, The Legend of Korra, for many things. While I think many of these criticisms are valid, I just wanted to make a blog focusing more on the pros of the show. What I am going to say is my opinion and feel free to disagree. I am aware the show has cons but I will not be talking about them.

There are many reasons I loved this show. From the beautiful images to the entertaining characters, but I have to say I was very impressed with the world itself. Many people do not think that the changes in this world were very natural, but I have to disagree. Adding a steampunk flair to this unique world keeps it fresh and original. Creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko did an amazing job keeping things fresh. It felt like the World of Avatar, but it also had a new charm that added so much life in this series. The details of the world astound me. Republic City was no disappointment either. Keeping with its 1920s theme, it had rich vibrant colors and a wondeful jazzy flair. Episodes like the Voice in the Night developed the world into something truly special. If there is one thing I think Korra did perfectly at, it was constructing the world itself. Some people might find this insignifact and that it doesnt add anything to the story, but if they hadnt have developed this changed world as much as they did, I probably wouldnt have enjoyed this sequel series as much as I do.

The plotline of the The Legend of Korra was engaging and exciting. Having the plotline center around an anti bending revolution was a brilliant choice and totally fit the time period it is representing. Futhermore, it really added a layer of depth to show as well. The plot was complex (though not told as well, it was far more complex than that of Airbenders) and there was no easy solution. It was a man who was fighting for what he believed in and his reasons were justified. Instead of painting the show as black and white it added a touch of grey, and I really admired the show for doing that. This kept the show thrilling for the first ten episodes. You didnt know who to root for and you didnt know how this was going to be resolved. Amon was right in many ways and Korra was wrong in many ways, but at the same time Amon was a terrorist and Korra was just trying to defend the city. How can Korra stop Amon when so much of the city's population idolizes him. It was deep, far deeper than any other kids show out there today. Episodes like "When Extremes Meet" still stick with me today. It was a smart choice by doing this, but sadly a few cons followed by making it so complex. Im trying to stay with the pros, so I may write about the cons some other time.

Now this is one I have both positive and negative things to say about, but I will write about the positive. The characters. While they lacked much depth, they were still entertaining and worked really well together. Korra was a kick butt heroine and I was so glad we got a character with the perfect amount of both Katara and Toph. She was funny and likable and love triangle aside, she was easily the best character of this series. Bolin was hilarious and a very likable person. He added so much comic relief and I was sad to see him resorted to such a side character, but with a character so rich with potential I do hope he will get the depth he deserves in coming books. Now the big surprise character for me this season was Asami. When I first saw her in episode four I immediatley disliked her. I thought she was in the show just to promote the love triangle mess, but boy was I wrong. She might have been the only character to get a true character arc. She started out with everything... a rich house, a loving father, and a reliant boyfriend and I was sad/amazed that she got all of that taken away from her and still managed to be the same beautiful, independent, and loving woman by the end of it all. She is an inspiring character and stunned me. Asami had the character arc I wanted Korra to have, and I hope that book 2 continues to build upon this arc. I hope she gets to claw her way back to the top on her own and become an even more compelling character. The last two great characters I wanted to talk about are Lin and Tenzin. Both are children from prominent memebers of the Gaang and both had high expectations placed on them. And boy did they meet them. Tenzin was a hoot... he was funny, wise, and interesting. Any scene with Tenzin was gold and he almost always stole the show. He was like the younger Uncle Iroh here. I loved seeing his and Korra's relationship as student and mentor in the first half of this season and I hope this relationship will continue in book 2. He was a memorable character for sure and it was sad that he didnt get as much screetime in the later episodes. Lastly I wish to talk about Lin. Another kicka$$, independent female character. Bryke sure does know how to create amazing female characters. She had similar qualities to her mother, but she really did stand well as her own character. She was very mature and knew how to handle things in an eloquently kick butt way. Her fight scenes with Korra in "And the Winner Is..." are without a doubt the defining moment in this series for me. I loved seeing her and Korra team up together and try to stop Amon. And one cannot forget another standout moment, her sacrifice for Tenzin and the airchildren was so heartfelt and poignant (even if it was in vain :P). So I did love these characters (minus Mako, notice I did not talk about him. He would be on the negative side of the coin lol). Even without little to no character development, they were still entertaining to watch. They have so much potential that it would be a down right shame if they didnt get the depth they needed by the time the series has run its course.

While The Legend of Korra definatley had its downs, I think its ups far outweighed them. Its really creative world, story, and characters made this show interesting for its first 10 episodes. I really did have a blast watching this show unfold before me. Even if it wasnt even close to the greatness of Airbender it was still a very good show and a worthy sequel. Like I said feel free to disagree, these are just my thoughts on the matter. Thanks for reading!

BTW Im sorry for all the inevitable typos, I type really fast and never re read things. Yea I need to work on that :P

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