It's official!, a Legend of Korra video game is coming out for the PS4, PS3, PSN, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo 3DS!

It'll be developed by Platinum Games, the same people behind Bayonetta, and published by Activision, the same people who have published the Call of Duty and Guitar Hero games!

I'm personally excitied for this game! I've always wondered what a Avatar game would like being developed by a Japanese developer!

Platinum Games is an interesting choice for the developers, so it'll be interesting to see Korra's gameplay!

Hopefully, it won't be as bloody as Bayonetta...


Also, this could be a great oppurtunity to introduce the series to Japanese audiences! Also, the best part about this is, the 3DS version, will be a turn-based strategy game, I'm guessing similar to Fire Emblem or Bravely Default!

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