So, I've been thinking a lot lately about my future and where it's going. I have a lot on my hands currently and I realize I have to let things go. And one of those things is the wiki.

I realize, and feel, that it's about time for me to leave the community. It wasn't an easy decision, I have so many friends and close bonds on this wiki, it literally changed my life. But at the same time it's become a bit of a distraction to my school work.

I never visit the Special Chat anymore, not even the IRC. I have my closest friends on Google Hangouts and I'm easily contactable.

I'll always remember you guys. I might occasionally visit the chats, be it IRC or Special, and if you send me a message on my message wall, I'll gladly answer. I might even return one day! But for right now, I think the best course of action for my own life is to focus on the things outside of the virtual realm of the internet.

I'll be working on my fanon, it might not be a fanon anymore when I'm done with it, I'm thinking of revamping it into it's own original story in a series I created with Mat5.

And, well, this is it, pretty much.

Thank you all for the wonderful memories and frienship, I value it more than anything.

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