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    After reading through the link the that CrimsonShogun posted on his article on the Canadian release of Book 2, I found this tweet that Nickelodeon posted concerning the Book 2 release date. It was a response to @emiley_luvs_u's tweet saying "  we need #legendofkorrabook2 ! :)". Nickelodeon responded by saying "@emiley_luvs_u We might be releasing some info abt that in less than a month ;)" What do y'all think it means? Link below:


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  • AvatarIonathan

    According to Bryan and Mike's tumblrs, they are still doing color correction for Book 2. Mike has assured us that "More episodes are being finished, slowly but surely." They have posted a picture of a lemur as proof. Here it is: Link

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  • AvatarIonathan

    I've seen lots of people wonder how could the Avatar have a nonbender child. But has it occured to you that maybe he's not? Never in the series have they ever said that he was a nonbender and never have the creators said he was a nonbender. Anyone else think so?

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