Well, I have an idea for a new fanon. However, I have heard countless tales of fanons being deleted, so I wanted to run my idea by the general public before reading the help pages and getting started.

I think the Kyoshi Warriors, as a group, have great potential. We got to meet Suki, and have a thorough understanding of her, but what about the rest of the warriors? Idea No. 1: Exploring what happened to the KW during the episodes they weren't in. (Such as... How they got to the refugee ferry, their journey to a seperate Fire Nation Prison than Suki, etc.) Okay, that's my stable idea. But I have one more twist I might want to add: An elite group of female firebenders who are tracking the Kyoshi Warriors. Sort of the KW's opposite. Mike & Bryan, early on, had an idea for "an elite group of female firebenders tracking the Avatar", but they only ever elaborated on it this far. It never made it into the series. I'd like to breathe life into them, as a fanon organization.
Please tell me what you think of this idea. If it's really terrible, don't hesitate to inform me so! Please! I know I didn't explain my idea very thouroghly, but I think I did enough. Please reply- I want to get started ASAP!


Avatar HaiLi

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