We were at my boat in the middle of the ocean and I was trying to catch a fish.

“It’s not getting away from me this time.Watch and learn,Katara.This is how 
you catch a fish!”I am a specialist in this things,I have a natural talent.

“Sokka, look!”she said.

“Sssh,Katara,you’re going to scare the fish!”I whispered.She has no idea
 about fishing.Thankfully,I know enough for both of us.

“But Sokka,I caught one!”she answered.Really, she thinks I’m going to believe her
  I raised my weapon, ready to attack my dinner.And then splash!I was wet and
 a fish was falling in the sea.Great,magic water again.

“Why is it,that every time you play with magic water I get soaked?”

“It’s not magic,it’s Waterbending,and it’s – “

“Yeah,yeah an ancient art unique to our culture blah blah blah…Look,I’m just
 saying that if I had weird powers,I’d keep my weirdness to myself.”Really, 
whatever she says,this thing is totally up normal.

“You’re calling me weird?I’m not the one who’s making muscles at myself every 
time I see my reflection in the water.”Oh,great,Katara and her sarcasm.I was
 ready to answer and let her know I was not making muscles at myself,I was looking 
at my arm,but the boat starting moving violently.There were some blocks of ice 
crashing and that made our route dangerous.I was trying to save the situation,
but there were ice blocks in our way.

“Watch out!”Katara yelled.“Go left!Go left!”I was trying to.Great,our boat
 was completely destroyed and me and my sister landed on a big block of ice,in
 the middle of nowhere.

“You call that left?”said Katara annoyed.

“You don’t like my steering,well,maybe you should have Waterbended us out of 
the ice.”I answered.Where are her freakish powers when we need them?

“So it’s my fault!?”

“I knew I should have left you home!Leave it to a girl to screw things up!”I
 answered.She was getting angry.'Very angry.Then she started yelling to me,
like I said something wrong.

“You are the most sexist,immature,nut brained…I’m embarrassed to be related
 to you!”except from her yelling,I noticed that huge ice block behind us had
 started to crack.But she didn’t notice a thing.“Ever since mum died I’ve been
 doing all the work round camp while you’ve been off playing soldiers.”My gosh,
look at all the cracks at that ice block!

“Eh,Katara…”I said scared,but she wouldn’t let me talk.

“I even wash all the clothes!Have you ever smelled your dirty socks?Let me tell 
you,don’t smell them!”Oh,my,she is crazy!That ice block is going to collapse!

 “Katara,slow down!”

“No!That’s it,I’m done helping you!From now on,you’re on your own!” That was 
it.She made a wave.I took a big breath and she turned to look.She screamed 
and then the ice block collapsed,creating an enormous wave that moved our ice 
block.I nearly fell of.

“OK,you got it from weird to freakish Katara!”

“You mean I did that?”

“Yep,congratulations!”After I finished the sentence,I show a weird glow in
 the sea right behind us.And it was coming out.Katara and I,terrified,walked
 backwards.And then that weird glowing ice cube came completely out.We just
 stared at it.It looked like someone was in there.And that someone opened his 
eyes!We gasped'.

“He’s alive!”Katara said.Yeah, noticed that.“We have to help!”WHAT?! But it 
was too late.She grabbed my club.

“Katara!Get back here!”I shouted.“We don’t know what that thing is!”If it 
is a Fire Nation bomb? Or an assassin from space?But she kept walking and 
jumping towards that thing.I followed her.She hit the block with my club 
one,two,three,four,five times and it cracked and opened,so powerfully we 
nearly fell off that ice block we were on.Then,it created a very powerful 
light and sent it to the sky.I protected my sister with my body.Then we 
turned to look.A man was coming out of there,with a glowing arrow on his 

“Stop!”I shouted pointing to him with one of my weapons.He rose.Then his head 
stopped glowing and he fell.Katara caught him,I can’t understand why she 
always helps weird guys.She held him in her arms,it was a little bald boy.I 
was pocking his head with my bone,to make sure he was alive and to see if he 
would attack me.

“Stop it!”Katara said,very annoyed.Oh,she is so overprotective even with 
people she doesn’t know!She placed him on the snow,still holding him,and 
moved his shoulders to see if he would wake.And he did.He slowly opened his 
eyes and said:

“I need to ask you something…”

“What?”asked Katara rather enthusiastically.

“Please,come closer…”

“What is it?”Oh, great,the big secret of Baldy.He then started talking very 

“Will you go penguin sliding with me?”he asked.WHAT?Is he kidding?We just
 found him in a block of ice and all he has to say is he wishes to go penguin

“Ah, sure… I guess.” answered Katara. She seemed to be as confused as I was. The bald boy stood up.

“Aah!”I yelled pointing at him with my weapon.

“What is going on here?”He said.So he didn’t  know what was going on?

“You tell us!”I said annoyed.“How did you get in the ice?And why aren’t you 
frozen?”I asked poking him on his belly with my weapon.

“I’m not sure…”He said pushing my weapon away.We then heard some roars from 
the inside of the ice block.These roars made him climb quickly and jump 
inside the block.

“Appa!”We heard him saying.“Are you all right?Wake up,buddy!”Me and 
Katara got in the ice block.When I saw him trying to open the huge furry 
beast’s mouth,I was completely surprised.It then opened it’s giant mouth a
nd carried him on it’s tongue.He laughed.

“You’re okay!”he said enthusiastically.

“What is that thing?”I asked.

“This is Appa,my flying bison!”he answered.What?!

“Right,and this is Katara,my flying sister.”He doesn’t really think I’m
 going to believe this thing can fly.The Furry Thing started moving it’s 
nostrils and it sneezed.And guess who got all dirty from it’s snots.Exactly,
me. As I was trying to clean my self from the glue-like snots,the only thing
the baldy had to say was it’d would wash out.He didn’t even apologize.

“So,do you guys live around here?”he asked.

“Don’t answer that!”I warned Katara pointing to the baldy with my weapon.
“Did you see that crazy light?He was probably trying to signal the Fire Nation
navy!”Why am I the only one who thinks clearly?

“Oh yeah”,said Katara,“I’m sure he’s a spy for the Fire navy.You can tell 
from that evil look in his eye.”Then the baldy made funny faces.“The 
paranoid one is my brother,Sokka.”She added.“You never told us your name.”

“I’m aaah aah aah aah aah aah aahtsu!!”sneezed the boy.And guess what,
he flew ten feet in the air!He then fell like nothing was going on.“
I’m Aang.”He said finally.

“You just sneezed.”I said looking at him with a weird look in my eye.“And 
flew ten feet in the air!”

“Really?It felt higher than that!”he added.Katara seemed to have understood 
what was going on.

“You’re an Airbender!”she said.Yeah,right.

“Sure am!”Baldy said.

“Giant light beams,Flying Bison,Airbenders,I think I’ve got the midnight 
sun madness.I’m going home,to where stuff makes sense.”I announced.But then 
I realized I had nowhere to go.We were in the middle of the ocean.

“Well,if you guys are stuck,Appa and I can give you a lift!”said Baldy and 
then Airbended himself on the Flying Whatever.

“We’d love a ride,thanks!”answered Katara.Excuse me,does anyone mind 
hearing my opinion?

“Oh no I am not getting on that Fluffy Snot Monster.”I let them know.

“Are you hopping some other kind of monster will come along and give you a 
ride at home?You know,before you freeze to death?”I would answer to Katara,
but I realized she was right.So there I was,on the Fluffy Snot Monster.

“OK,first time flighters hold on tight!Appa,yip-yip!”Baldy yelled.The 
Fluffy Thing roared, jumped into the water and started swimming.

“Come on Appa,yip-yip!”said Baldy again.

“Wow.”I commented.“That was truly amazing.”

“Appa’s just tired.Little rest will help him sore into the skies!You’ll see!”
 insisted the Baldy.

I was angry at both of them while they were having a little conversation. Baldy was smiling stupidly at my sister, so she asked:

“Why are you smiling at me like that?”

“Oh,I was smiling?” asked Baldy.He can’t even control his own expressions
!I sighed.Then I just slept.

When we finally were at the village in the morning,Katara went to wake Baldy 
up.I was sitting outside of his tent,cleaning my boomerang.She dragged him 
to the middle of the road and announced to the whole village who was gathered 
around them:

 “Aang,this is the entire village.Entire village,Aang.” He bowed at them 
but they were rather scared.

“Why are they all looking at me like that?”he asked Katara.“Did Appa sneeze 
on me?”

“Well,no one has seen an Airbender in a hundred years.We thought they were 
extinct.Until my grand-daughter and grand-son found you.”Said Gran-Gran.

“Extinct?”asked Baldy.He seemed surprised.

“Aang,this is my grandmother.”Said Katara.

“Call me Gran-Gran”said Gran-Gran.I approached Baldy and Katara.Baldy was 
carrying a stick,which I grabbed and examined.

“What is this,a weapon?You can’t stab anything with this!”

“It’s not for stabbing,it’s for Airbending!”explained Baldy.Then this 
Freak-o-Stick opened creating something like a fender.

“Magic trick!Do it again!”said a girly.

“Not magic,Airbending.”Said Baldy.Oh,great,big Airbender Baldy.If I was
 he,I’d grow some hair!“It lets me control the air currents around my glider
 and fly!”That kid is nuts.

“You know last time I checked humans can’t fly!!”Does he think his Airbending
 can trick gravity?

“Check that!”Baldy said.And then he flied.Yes,he flied.I couldn’t believe
 it,and then he and his glider landed on my watchtower and destroyed it!

“My watchtower!”I said.But who cared about my watchtower?Everybody was too 
busy admiring the Flying Freak to care about my watchtower.

“That was amazing!”said Katara to Baldy helping him stand up.I tried to fix 
my watchtower,but I didn’t do so well and ended up covered in snow.

“Great!”I said.“You’re an Airbender,Katara’s a Waterbender,together you 
can just waste time all day long!”I said and left.

“You’re a Waterbender!”Baldy said.He was admiring her weirdness!

“Well,short of…”she answered.“Not yet.”

“All right,no more playing.Come on Katara you have chores.”Said Gran-Gran 
taking Katara’s hand and leading her to the tents.

It was time for my and my soldiers training.

“Now men,you must show no fear when you face a Firebender.In the Water 
Tribe,we fight to the last man standing.But without courage,how can we 
call ourselves men?”Ah,I’m an incredible speaker.If I had men,I would 
inspire them,but with the 5-year olds I’m stuck with,I can do nothing.

“I got to pee!”said a boy.

“Listen,until your fathers return from the war they’re counting on you to be 
the men of this Tribe.And that means,no potty-breaks!”

“But I really got to go!”

“Okay,who else has to go?”

There,one wanted to go pee,and then the whole group had to go for a 

“Have you seen Aang?”asked Katara.“Gran-Gran said he disappeared over an
 hour ago!”There he was,playing with my soldiers.

“Katara,get him out of here!This lesson is for warriors only!”I said and 
left.When I turned to see,my warriors were sliding on Flying Freakish 
Thing’s tail!While Katara laughed I went to get them back to the lesson.

“Stop!Stop it right now!”I yelled.“What’s wrong with you?We don’t have 
time to play games with the war going on!”But how could I possibly think 
Baldy would understand?

“What war?He said.Yes,what war am I talking about?Maybe the one in which
 the Firebenders are destroying villages and cities?“What are you talking 
about?”asked Baldy and jumped down from the Flying Whatever’s back.

“You’re kidding, right?”I asked him.He then started making funny faces and 

“Penguin!”there was a little penguin but who cares?The penguin got scared,
turned and left and then Baldy run after him like a child.Me and Katara 
stared at him.

“He’s kidding,right?”I asked her. Katara decided to go find him at the
 penguin’s field.Great,now that the Silly Bald Problem and it’s nanny left,
I can finally organize my soldiers!

As we were quietly practicing,I saw a flare being sent into the sky.I knew
 that guy was a Fire Nation spy.I knew it.I hope Katara will be okay.If she
 isn’t back within an hour,I’ll go search for her.Oh great,I turned my back
 for one minute and my mature soldiers managed to climb on Fluffy Snot 
Monster’s back!
"Hey,come back here!All of you!Oh,I will kill Baldy!”

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