Hello everybody and welcome to my blog, where I introduce this fanon of mine called Avatar: The World's Fate. It started a couple of months ago, and it already has ten chapters.

The fanon starts with Aang and the rest of the gang being visited by one of the Joo Dees they met in Ba Sing Se, who is there to warn them about a war the Dai Li is about to start in order to eliminate the benders and gradually take over the Avatar World. Team Avatar starts in order to find Iroh and some more information, so stopping Dai Li will be easier, but after their meeting with Iroh more and more secrets keep being revealed and after two months they find themselves having to face the demonic First Avatar, named Zuphokaang. Also, a threatening new kind of bending, called Willbending, exists and both Zuphokaang and an evil unknown man know how to control it. In addition, Azula has joined the Dai Li and is holding Mai and Zuko captives in the Earth King's Palace in Ba Sing Se. In the latest chapter, chapter ten, Azula is ready to intorduce Zuko to this unknown man, whose name is Zafir. Aang has decided he will not create any Airbenders. But some times he wants to do so. What will his final decision be and what will be its impact to the Avatar World? And there are a lot more things about to happen.

The fanon has been nominated for Fanonbending by AvatarRokusGhost.

This fanon has been reviewed by Millennia2 and recieved an overall grade of A-

One last thing: Remember, this is just an overview. There is a lot more information in the actual chapters, and some things I haven't mentioned here.

Thank you for reading this blog.

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