Hi there fellow Avatar fans it is your friendly Avatar Corin here talking about something that's discussed a lot but is ever persistent.  

As we know the Legend of Korra is absolutely full of waterbenders, especially badies. I get it, Korra is a Water Tribe born Avatar and obviously she, her family members would be waterbenders and it makes a much deeper internal conflict in Korra when her enemies are of her own tribe. As often the way in tribal mind set the members of the group tend to think of themselves as family.  That makes Korra, at least on some level, suffer a constant barrage of fighting her own tribe.  

But when is enough enough? Apparently not yet.  Though she's had to deal with Tarrlok, Amon, Unalaq and Densa and Eska respectively in the past two books it seems as if things are setting up for Korra to have to deal with another 'bad' waterbender.  

We know Grey Delisle- Griffen, voice of fan favorite Azula, returned to the avatarverse for a couple of additional voices at the end of Book 2, the dark spirit spider and the spirit mushroom.  The voice actress confirmed many months ago she was doing three voices of the Legend of Korra, obviously the two mentioned are two of them. But what about the third? Grey confirmed she is an upcoming human character that is a bender, though not a firebender. No return of the Fire Nation princess, and arguably one of the most complex villains on television, just yet.  

Recently, I found a little clip from the ECCC 2013 where Grey gave an interview with some hardcore fan-greyers. In the clip she is asked about her upcoming characters.  The inteview was pre book 2.  She talks of her two spirit characters and mentions her bender character agian. This time giving us what kind she is, could you guess what exactly that is?

Yup, you're right a Waterbender. Grey's 'bad girl' character is one of Water Tribe heritage.  Now, one could argue 'bad girl' could mean badass or just tough, and that is what I thought for a while. But when you listen to the context and the way she says it that doesn't seem to be the case.  Grey says, "She's a bad girl, bad girl" almost as if a woman is scolding her dog.  To me that in no way says badass, it says villain.  

So, are we getting a Waterbending female villain this upcoming season of Korra? My answer is yes.  

What do you think, and how do you feel? I agree with most that we need a change of pace when it comes to types of villains, but then again, this is Grey Delisle, I might just be willing to over look that one litte tid bit.  

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