Hey guys and gals, it is your friendly AvatarCorin here with a bit of news.  

Since book two premiers this Friday, I took a look early this morning at the Nickelodeon website.  While there wasn't really anything new I did notice however a new game called "Dark Into Light."

Investigating everything Korra like I ususally do I clicked and started playing the game.

I was intrigued on how it was set up.  The main objective of the game is to make it through a stage until you reach a flag of whatever nation you are in while defending yourself from many dark spirits that attack you. 

You also can collect little orbs along the way and once you complete a quest you can use those orbs to purchase downloads (which are not working in this moment) fro your desktop background. 

While only the tutorial phases and first chapter are unlocked as of right now I would like to point out a couple things.  

  • The first is that, if the trend continues, each stage runs in accordance with the episode title. For example, the first chapter of the game, sans the tutorial, is called Rebel Spirit.  This could mean that this game will update weekly as the episode go by after the premier. Could this mean we will be taking our own little journey playing as Korra?
  • The second is the map of quests.  Like I said, only Chapter One and the tutorial are unlocked right now but you still see the map of the avatar world and where the next quests fall.   There are three quests in the Southern Water Tribe, one at the Eastern Air Temple,  two in the southern part of the Earth Kingdome, including in the desert,  two in the north eastern part of the Earth Kingdom, including Ba Sing Se,  and finally, two in the north western part of the Earth Kingdom near Republic City.  Now I know that is not fourteen, but it is still interesting none the less, and it could be due to double episodes.
  • The third thing I'd like to point out deals with the afore mentioned art work.  Right now there are three images available, the Glacial Spirits Festivle, the Spiritual Energy source we see in the trailer and the Northern Water Tribe.  The most interesting of  these is the NWT  when you unlock it, for 50 of your orbs, you notice that the tundra that exists above the city is starting to be developed as an extension of the city. Also you notice the huge increase of houses and buildings.  

As you play there are side quests like completing a stage in under a minute and thirty seconds, defeating twenty one enemies, etc.  There is also a code you can put in to unlock something, I don't know what it is, don't ask me, but I'd love it if someone told me! ;) 

Anyway, you should all check out the game on the Nickelodeon site, I'll provide a link below. Corin out! 

The Legend of Korra: Dark Into Light

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