Hey, guys this is your friendly AvatarCorin here to present to you my theory of the plot and details of Book 2.  It was given such high acclaim from our resident, SparksFromHades that he persuaded me to write it in a blog post.  Mind you this is a theory, my theory, I recieved no insight from anothers theory, everything you are about to read came from my brain through careful logical reasoning of what information we have of book 2.  Should any of this turn out to be true, that would be awesome and remember you heard it from me. :) 

Korra, while under Unalaq’s watchful eyes, is trying desperately to learn the ability allowing her to calm a raging spirit, yet she fails time after time.  We know that Unalaq’s unique ability is a major part of this upcoming book.  It has been featured three times in the recent news; once in the trailer (which is an excerpt from when Unalaq calms the spirit in episode one), on the SDCC poster Nick was giving out and during the teaser clip we got a few weeks ago of Korra and Mako battling a spirit.  Angry spirits are attacking the Water Tribe daily and each time they come they are more ferocious than the last.  Unalaq is pressuring Korra to get this technique right as he cannot fight them all himself, or so he says.  Korra, while trying her hardest, cannot get the hang of it which frustrates her.  As a result, Korra starts lashing out on those around her, namely Mako, who in best interest, is only trying to help.   Korra’s rampage starts getting the better of Mako and tensions run high between the two. 

While unbeknownst to Korra her, sweet helpful uncle is actually using her for his own personal conquest.  He knows that Korra could be the key to his success, as she is the most perfect specimen of spiritual energy on earth.   Unalaq want control over both tribes and he knows that getting the support of the people will be most beneficial to his crusade.  Because he is so spiritually knowledgeable he has torn apart the barrier between the two worlds, both physical and spirit.  This is allowing the Dark Spirits, which would normally be contained to run free between the dimensions.  Able to control the spirits Unalaq knows how to get them to attack at the right moments, striking fear and panic in the hearts of the Southern Water Tribe inhabitants.  Making his ability to calm the spirits and send them on their way public the citizens start following him blindly in a Star Wars like “you are my only hope” kind of scenario.  His brother Tonraq sees through his brothers schemes and in an effort to stop the tyrant, he amasses an army to fight against his brother.  We know from a few weeks ago there was something in his bio about leading forces against his brother.   He tells his followers that they will be fighting spirits, when really he is concealing his true purpose to stop Unalaq.  As a little insight to the brother’s constant quarrel we see a few flashbacks, my guess is when their father, chief of the Northern Water Tribe, is in poor health.  We know Tonraq was originally destined to inherit the throne that Unalaq now sits upon.  Unalaq has persuaded his father to let him pass over Tonraq for the throne thus causing the rift between the siblings.  Unalaq is what I like to call the Mighty Usurper. 

Meanwhile, Varrick has moved his operations to Republic City bringing along his closest friends, in other words Ginger, the red headed minx we see in episode one.  Asami and Varrick are working tirelessly on the return of Future Industries as a big league player but the partnership is not without problems.  Varrick has a couple of problems to deal with, his ships are being attacked by angry spirits and his business ventures with Asami turn to be in vein, and perhaps, even toxic to his own company.  At a loss of what to do, Asami turns to the greatest businessman she knows, Hiroshi.  She goes to the prison and under the scrutiny of Lin Beifong she asks her father’s advice.    Hiroshi has no interest in helping his daughter, and only proves to be greater heartache for Asami. Asami thinks she needs someone to confide in, a person to turn to when everything has gone wrong, unwillingly, her heart falls to Varrick.  But Varrick is currently occupied.   Outside of business, outside of shipping and Future Industries Varrick’s heart belongs to the voluptuous Ginger.  Ginger, a gold digging harlot, is now the sworn enemy of Asami.  The young CEO tries to point out Ginger’s scheme to Varrick, yet he is so enamored by beauty he will not listen to Asami’s warnings.  Asami turns her energy towards confronting Ginger personally.  The two get into so some interesting altercations with one another and now play tug of war over the billionaire playboy Varrick and while their subtle jabs at each other and pulls on Varrick’s heart go noticed, business is starting to get sticky for the two corporate tycoons.  

While things are not looking so good for the rest of our team, things for Bolin are going quite the opposite, though not ideal.  Bolin, having returned to Republic City with Asami, has brought a couple of things with him, Desna and Eska.  As a full time assistant to his friend Asami, and integral part to her partnership with Varrick, he must balance his life out.  Some time is dedicated to Pro-bending, but realizing his team is less than subpar quits seeking out greener pastures.  Most of his time is spent being the ‘yes man’ to Asami and Varrick, but his real ambition is to be with his girlfriend Eska.  Eska’s social expirement has now blossomed into a quirky romance between two mixed-matched people.  Bolin is trying his hardest to impress his unpredictable girlfriend but fails miserably.  Desna sits directly in the way of the two love birds and usually is the Achilles heel to Bolin’s wooing.  The dynamic duo that Eska and Desna has apparently has no room for Bolin.  Eska, while trying to be in a relationship with Bolin is seriously realizing how toxic her connection to her brother is to a relationship, after all, this is new territory for her.  She starts loosening up and wants to spend more time with Bolin than her twin.  Desna, becomes confused and angry, “how dare he take away my sister!” he thinks to himself.  With new found tensions between the three Desna now doubles his efforts to get his sister back and split up the courtship of Eska and Bolin. 

Korra eventually uncovers the truth about her uncle and crawls back to her parents dragging Mako by the coattails.  She gets home and apologizes to her parents.  She explains what Unalaq is up to and wishes to seek out Tenzin in the Air Temples.  So relieved to have their daughter away from Unalaq Tonraq and Senna agree to let her find Tenzin.  Things however, are not looking so great for Makorra though.  The two have been fighting a lot, as expected, and Korra suggests they split for a while (not breakup just get away from each other).  Mako agrees and, still wanting to be of use, stays in the south with Tonraq and becomes his second in command. 

Korra, now flying solo, rushes off to the air temples to find her old master, Tenzin of course welcomes her back with open arms and the start training.  While not only learning himself, Tenzin is teaching his children and Korra about Air Nomads, the Spirit World and airbending itself.  However, everything is not perfect for the master airbender as his kids and siblings are starting to drive him nuts.  Korra starts realizing some of her spiritual potential and Jinora has recognized her own.  After a great deal of training Jinora has achieved total detachment, the thing airbenders must strive for, realizing the spiritual capabilities of her people Jinora can now meditate freely into the spirit world.  Korra has learned as well, although, I’m sure it is much similar to reach the Spirit World not that Unalaq has decimated the barrier.

Now that they can cross over with ease, Korra and Jinora seek out knowledge in the Spirit World to end the catastrophe which has been engineered by Korra’s power hungry uncle.  Jinora being the bookworm she is recalls a piece of information that she read long ago about her families old adventures. She recalls The Great Library from the desert, Wan Shi Tong’s library, the vastest collection of knowledge, man or spirit has ever known.  She tells Korra of Wan Shi Tong, the library and that he brought it back to the Spirit World from the Physical World many years ago when Aang sought knowledge to beat the Fire Nation.  The two seek out Wan Shi Tong and his collection to gain information of the predicament the world is in.  They eventually reach the library with some help of friendly spirits they have come across.  Wan Shi Tong, none too happy to see them, requests them to leave.  However, since Jinora is a legitimate scholar and the fate of the worlds are in jeopardy Wan Shi Tong divulges the information they need.  He tells them of Wan, the first Avatar who lived 10,000 years ago, who perpetuated the cycle and brought peace to a volatile world.  He tells them how near the beginning the world was at war, man against spirit, ripping at the seams.  He tells that it was Wan, a young man who separated the world forever so that man and spirit could live in peace in their own dimensions.  The Great Owl told the girls how to find Wan, as no one has sought him in thousands of years.  But the wise owl also warned them of the dangers which lie ahead, many great and malevolent spirits occupy the spirit world and they are defenseless without bending.  The girls thank him and return to the physical world to relay the news to Tenzin and company. 

Tenzin is worried and forbids Jinora to accompany Korra to find Wan, which she is not very receptive about.  But at the same time, Tenzin has been doing some learning himself.  While Jinora and Korra have been on Spirit World missions Tenzin and his family have been having a lot of problems, spirits attacking and the siblings must unite to beat them.  He realizes now what Katara was trying to teach him for so many years and he begins to lighten up and grow more attached to his siblings.

By this point in the story Beginnings 1 and 2 will have aired. 

Korra once again returns to the spirit world this time to find Wan and end this.  She runs into many malevolent spirits Wan Shi Tong warned her about, but with the help of her friends (the light spirits) she makes it to Wan. Once she makes contact he reveals to her how he split the worlds, she thanks him and returns to the physical world to tell Tenzin and stop Unalaq. 

Now armed with Wan’s knowledge Korra, Tenzin and the rest return to Tonraq in the South Pole.  Things are going none too well in the South, Unalaq’s forces are far superior to Tonraq’s and he is well prepared for anything his brother can throw at him.  When they arrive they notice Bolin, Asami, Varrick, Desna and Eska are there as well.  Asami and Varrick have either settled their differences or are a perfectly happy couple.  In any case they returned to provide Unalaq with his own battleships to fight off Unalaq.   Bolin returned out of allegiance to his friends and Korra, of course subsequently bringing Eska and Desna with him.  Eska, appalled by her father’s conquest, sides with her uncle.  Desna however is torn. But eventually chooses his sister and uncle over his father.  Also, as soon as Korra reaches the South and sets eyes on Mako the two’s romance burns again, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Everyone now must work together to defeat Unalaq’s army, who of course are sided with the spirits.  Korra goes to take on Unalaq one on one while everyone else is fighting spirits or Unalaq’s army.  Korra attempts to reason with her uncle but of course he is too consumed with his quest for power he will not listen.  Korra unfortunately has to fight him, once defeated Korra returns to her father, keeping Unalaq detained.  Tonraq is having more luck against his brother’s forces that are now being beaten back, as they do not have commander.  The spirits however, are running rampant.  Korra asks Unalaq to call them off but he refuses and spouts off that they will destroy the south and the world.  Korra, not amused by her uncle’s prophecy knows what she must do.   She ends up being caught in the middle, of the two side fighting; the spirits are attacking from one side and humans on the other.  In that moment Korra enters the avatar state and everything stops in its tracks in a similar fashion as to Wan does in the trailer.  Korra seals off the material world and the spirit world from each other and she herself maintains the ability to cross between them, aside from the solstices when the line between is blurred. 

Everyone raises a cheer for their triumph.  Korra and Mako embrace, as well as all the other couples.  (Now this last part can go two ways) 1) Tonraq is now appointed chief of the south, the real one has been declared incompetent or is dead.  2) With no leader of the Northern Water Tribe Desna and Eska must take on the responsibilities of their father, Eska now breaks up with Bolin, which she does not want to do, and must assume her duties.  Tonraq suggest that she rule over the southern tribe as they need a new, more spiritual leader to preserve customs, and Desna preside over the north (based on the sexist attitude of the north this shouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination.

Korra, now a fully realized, all powerful, spiritual Avatar ends the conflict and looks onward towards her future with her boyfriend Mako. Varrick and Asami, now are a rich, business, powerhouse couple.  Bolin is severely depressed but understand why Eska did what she had to.  Now the two leaders of the tribe once again call for a festival (like the one in episode one except tradition is observed) where the north and south are now joined as allies once again.  Tenzin and company, bound by love, are one big happy family which makes Katara overwhelmed with joy.   Tonraq and Senna are both glad to have their daughter back and now feel comfortable enough to let her be the avatar she has always destined to be. Lastly, Unalaq is taken to Republic City and imprisoned. There he can be under the watchful eyes of Korra, Mako, Tenzin and Co. and Lin (who might appear just once, you know cause it’s jail and she’s the chief of police.)

2,348 words later. 

EDIT: Well first let me say thank you guys for all your kind words and praise for this humble theory of mine.  I never in my wildest dreams considered it would be a big deal, or even a blog post for that mannor.  I'd like to thank SparksFromHades for telling me to make it a blog, TechFilmer for making it a fanon (coming soon) and Korratastic for asking me the question that inspired this whole thing. If Korratastic had not asked me that question this whole thing would have been locked away in the recesses of my brain. 

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