So as we are all aware the first time the ability to Bloodbend was in Avatar: The Last Airbender by Hama in the episode the Puppet Master. Up until the point of the finale of The Legend of Korra we would all agree Hama was the founder of the dark art. However, in Tarrlok's story time flashbacks we hear Yakone say that his family comes from an ancient line of bloodbenders and that his two sons inherited the ability. (or something like that) This raised questions with me in the true origin of Bloodbending. Also I am making this to out down any suspicions that Hama and Yakone are related (as I see it is a popular theory).

These are my thoughts and questions on the matter. Also I hope to have a great discussion with my fellow wikians. So here we go.

1.) As we know the Legend of Korra takes place seventy years after the Hundred Year War and the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender. So the shown development of Bloodbending (taking into account Hama's relative age, guessing about 70-89, Yakone's relative age at time of death (probably 50's/ 60's) and the his childrens ages (Tarrlok 37 and Noatak 40)) would range between 100- 150 years.

2.) Hama hypothetically invented/discovered Bloodbending probably in her 20's and had about 60 years of knowledge of the skill. So let's say Hama lived into her late 80's that puts her time of death just around 101-102 AG and Yakone would have been born about 19 years later around the time of 110-120 AG. And based off Hama's views of the Fire Nation people and the fact we know she lived in the Fire Nation since the time she escape (probably around 25- 30 years old) to the time she died presumably in prison for bloodbending and imprisoning the towns people she probably never married or had children after her escape. So as its stands for now Yakone is probably not Hama's descendent. Ergo he probably did not inherit the ability from her. Judging by Yakone's statement he got the ability from one of his parents. As we know with bending it typically does not show early, it probably is shown around the ages of 6- 10 years old. So guessing Yakone was born around 110-120 AG would not have known he was a Waterbender until about 120-130 AG. So his training begins lets say when he is 8 it would take him about to the age of about 15 to at least know he can bloodbend (while under the tutelage of his Bloodbending parent.) Which leads us to believe he is descended from a totally different set of bloodbenders, a much older lineage of bloodbenders.

3.) Ancient in our world is classified as the first records of Human recorded history , which is about 5000 years ago, and before that. We know that the Avatar world is probably much older so that puts anicent in that world at least around 7000 years ago. So 100-150 years can hardly be classified as ancient.

So here is my overall ruling on the matter. The time of Hama's capture and death and her views of the Fire Nation people would lead us to believe she never had children to pass the Bloodbending gene on. Thus leaving Yakone to a totally different ancestory.

Yakone states that his family is from an ancient order of bloodbenders and we know that ancient in the avatar world would most likely surpass our own ancient deffinitons so this leads me to the conclusion the art of Bloodbending did not originate with Hama. My view is she discovered it and did not create it and while she practiced others were practicing too in secret and that it is probably much much older. So in the end Hama did not create it and it should not be part of her page that she is the creator of Bloodbending. Also any notion that Yakone is Hama's grandson should be over because I really don't think it was possible. Unless of course she had been married and had children while still in the Southern Water Tribe. However, I doubt it because she looks like a teenager at the time of her capture.

So there you go, in my opinion Hama did not create bloodbending and Yakone is probably not her descendant. Thoughts and opinions anyone? I look forward to a discussion. However, I do request we keep it civil because I don't think I can handle many more heated debates. ^_^

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