Nowadays this wiki makes me want to take a cheese grater and rub it against my forehead and more often than not I wish all the comments for LoK were turned off again.

Now don't get me wrong I love this wiki and it's quite impossible for me to stay away for too long. However, I just can't take it anymore! Everyday it is Mako hate this, Korra hate that, Bolin hate this, Asami hate that, Legend of Korra hate, nonys trollin' or shipping wars.

All members on this wiki, including the nonies, are very avid Avatar fans and there is nothing wrong with that. This wiki is possibly the largest hub of Avatar fans and we are probably the most obsessed. An IGN interviewer at SDCC this year said "Avatar has an almost cult like following" and she was right, half the time I feel like most of us should be committed. (I'm showing my age with that saying, jeez!) This wiki is certainly the most active and most vocal one I've seen but come on you guys don't you want to talk about something other that hating this or that everyday? Is it really that fun and amusing? There is honestly SO MUCH negativity anymore it's exhausting to come on here anymore! Can we PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! Bring the hate, shipping and trolling out of the clouds and back to earth?

For anybody and everybody please take these into account- and this wonderful quote from Andy Warhol - "I'm affraid if you look at something long enough, it loses all of it's meaning."

That would certainly bring down the hatred and fighting on this wiki. Honestly people answer me is arguing every freaking day with religious like convictions fun? Is this wiki honestly any fun anymore? Don't you people remember when there were not fights every day and how peaceful and fun this wiki was? Can't we go back to that?

So I ask you...."Am I alone in this?"

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