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    This morning I saw a tweet by Korraspirit including a link to a tumblr post which showed the eight page preview from the upcoming Avatar Comic.  I will include the link below and encourage you to discuss it, from what I see it looks intriguing, not only have they made Aang a 'bad' dad but it looks like they might make him a little ignorant to, which I like.  I'm sure much character growth can come from this.  

    Click the dooble de do for a sneaky peek at what's to come. :)

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  • AvatarCorin34

    Hi there fellow Avatar fans it is your friendly Avatar Corin here talking about something that's discussed a lot but is ever persistent.  

    As we know the Legend of Korra is absolutely full of waterbenders, especially badies. I get it, Korra is a Water Tribe born Avatar and obviously she, her family members would be waterbenders and it makes a much deeper internal conflict in Korra when her enemies are of her own tribe. As often the way in tribal mind set the members of the group tend to think of themselves as family.  That makes Korra, at least on some level, suffer a constant barrage of fighting her own tribe.  

    But when is enough enough? Apparently not yet.  Though she's had to deal with Tarrlok, Amon, Unalaq and Densa and Eska respectivel…

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    Alrighty, I know we are all still trying to process the mind explosion that was the Book 2: Spirits finale but I noticed this problem so I thought I would address it. 

    There seems to be confusion on the stream of events in the early avatar world.  I am here to make sense of the information, and help those who are a little confuse figure out the history of the ancient avatar world.  

    In episode eight, Beginnings, Part 2, Vaatu says to Wan, "I have lived ten thousand life times before the first of your kind ever crawled out of the mud." To me, that means Vaatu and Raava emerged very near the beginning, of the world, 100,000,000 years before humans even evolved.  


    World begins- Raava and Vaatu emerge and begin to fight for 100 million years,…

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    Hey guys and gals, it is your friendly AvatarCorin here with a bit of news.  

    Since book two premiers this Friday, I took a look early this morning at the Nickelodeon website.  While there wasn't really anything new I did notice however a new game called "Dark Into Light."

    Investigating everything Korra like I ususally do I clicked and started playing the game.

    I was intrigued on how it was set up.  The main objective of the game is to make it through a stage until you reach a flag of whatever nation you are in while defending yourself from many dark spirits that attack you. 

    You also can collect little orbs along the way and once you complete a quest you can use those orbs to purchase downloads (which are not working in this moment) fro your …

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    Hey guys, it is your old pal AvatarCorin here bringing a little bit of exciting news to your day. 

    While making my usual rounds I happened across a bit of information that might interest everyone, the first four descriptions of the first four Legend of Korra book 2 episodes!   

    As it seems that the fan base has officialy accepted the first four episodes to be; 113 Rebel Spirit , 114 The Southern Lights, 115 Civil Wars, Part 1, 116 Civil Wars, Part 2. We now have possibly officail descriptions!


    Here they are, and here is a link: 

    Rebel Spirit:

    "Korra struggles to find a deeper connection to the Spirit World."

    The Southern Lights:

    "Korra and Chief Unalaq find a source of  great spritual power."

    Civil Wars, Part 1: 

    "Korra tries to remain neutr…

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