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  • AvatarBearcat

    With the season one finale of Legend of Korra all wrapped up it's going to be some time before we get new Avatar action.

    Don't fear. Legend of Kaito is the next best thing to the actual cartoon and should alleviate the symptoms of Avatar withdrawal! (This is my opinion only of course.)

    Legend of Kaito deals with the Fire Avatar at the end of Aang and Korra's cycle.

    Legend of Kaito is written as to (hopefully) be able to exist within the Avatar universe we all know and love, and heavily infused with the works of Miyazaki.

    Give Kaito a try!

    Avatar: Legend of Kaito

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  • AvatarBearcat

    Greetings, Avatar Wiki!

    I am, in a sense, completely new to the wiki when it comes to creating articles and writing fanon. I started watching Avatar in 2010 and finished the whole series in about a week and ever since I have been hooked. This site became my go-to source for all Avatar knowledge and after searching through some fanons out of curiosity I was inspired.

    I read a few highly touted fanons and wanted to create my own but I haven't ever really been interested in writing creatively before now. I have no experience when it comes to editing or creating articles or whatever the technical term is for what's required of the wiki.

    Writing has become my new passion and I just want to chase it because in the words of Uncle Iroh "Follow your p…

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