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"Kun: The New Avatar" Has Moved to FFN

AvatarAero October 18, 2016 User blog:AvatarAero

If you followed my forum posts at all about my new series, "Kun: The New Avatar", then you will have noticed that I didn't post any past the first episode. Well that is because it has moved to, where I have gotten high reception. 

I created my very own profile page, and posted the first episode just this past Friday. The reception was amazing, and I garnered over 80 views in two days. 

If you want to take a look at my profile, the link is here:

I appreciate the support of anyone who read my posts, but rest assured that it will be on 

I would like to thank:

- AvatarAang7

- Korra2000

- Assire

- OnionAndBananaJuice

- Tono555

- Chillv64

Not all the names on this list explicitly helped me out in writing my fanons, but they have been great friends on the chat, and so I decided to mention them here. 

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