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  • AvatarAangRokuKorra

    The Avatar Universe is so great that it should certainly be shared with more people. Many blogs have been written about introducing the show to others, so this article is here for those who want to persuade others. It contains an introduction to the show and the characteristics of an Avatar as well as a short synopsis of the first sequel (Avatar the Last Airbender).

    The world is divided into four nations: the Fire nation, the Earth Kingdom, Air Nomads, the Water tribe. There are four elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth. Some people in this world have the innate ability to control or manipulate one of the elements – they’re known as benders. However, one bender can only control one element. In the Fire nation,there are fire benders (who can control o…

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  • AvatarAangRokuKorra


    So for a long time, as well as deciding which episode is the best introductory episode (as in my previous blog), I have also been taking my time in creating a mini introduction document (4 pages). It's not completely filled with writing and all, but if you are interested in getting someone to watch it, they would be clueless as to where to start. So this mini document explains the Avatar Universe without spoilers (and if there are any it warns you beforehand), contains a clear table of all the Avatar things to watch in chronological order and their internet links, and a mini paragraph simply explaining why you should watch the awesome show.

    If anybody is interested in getting this mini document (free of course) do let me know ASAP. If…

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  • AvatarAangRokuKorra

    So I've been trying to get others to watch it but when I show them the first two episodes, they just say it's boring or it sounds like it's for kids. I thought maybe I could show them the episode of the 'Southern Raiders' but then it shows how Zuko is with them, which will ruin the plot twist of him switching 'sides'. I tried to find trailers to show people but never found trailers that were convincing enough. Could you suggest an episode or something and if you've managed to convince someone who did you do so?

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