My first blog was too short so let's try this once more. I'm excited for the new Book of The Legend of Korra to premiere. They keep claiming it will come out soon or later and I just want it out already! It looks like it's going to be amazing. I want to see how Korra handles being a new airbender and connecting with the Spirit World. And the crazy spirits that will be in the Spirit World look creepy but still so cool. I know the lady who voiced Azula, Grey DeLisle, will be one of the spirits which is pretty cool. I want to know what happened to Tarrlok and Amon on that boat. Also this new guy, Verick will come in the picture and I'm curious about him. I'm just so excited and ready and happy to see Book 2! So I wanted to know everyone elses thoughts on the new book and the show in general?? :)

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