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  • Avatar226

    Hi Avatar226 here and I'am here to review . This test review is for the Fanon Review Squad and as such please do not take any offence if the review wasn't positive or what you were expecting.

    If you have noticed I did the review on the same day I commented because I have been reading some of the story for the past two days.

    A Tale of Rebels takes place during the time of the Unnamed fire Avatar. Its the tale of a boy named Senqok, a skilled swordsman and a master waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe. He travels to the Earth Empire, only to be captured by a group of rebels known as the Liberation Alliance. A group that strongly oppresses the rule of Earth Emperor Yi Ming, a ruthless tyrant who rules the Earth Empire. This is the story of…

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  • Avatar226

    I have been reading the fanons in avatar wikia and I was wondering. Do you think that after the legend of korra there will be another season of avatar. Avatar is great I have been a big fan of it for 2 years and everything about it the story,

    the bending, and fights are all fantastic. 

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