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    So thinking back on Avatar I start to think about the first time heard about it. I remember I was watching Nickelodeon and I saw a commercial for the premiere of the show in 2005. When I saw that commercial I thought to myself "Wow, this looks interesting.". So I watched it and I liked it and I guess I just grew to love it. It's funny tht when I first watched I was a little kid and now I'm a teenager who loves the show and really can't get enough of. I think A:TLA is a very inspirational show that now my little sister even likes. I seriously can't wait to see how LOK is gonna effect my life. :)(:

    Who new that 1 thought of watching something could lead me to obsess over something like this. XD

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    wierd TLA dream

    July 11, 2011 by Avatar12

    So last year back when I really wanted to see the move The Last Airbender I had a wierd dream about it. Robert Downey Jr. played as aang, katara was played by a girl who had light brown hair with bangs. I was watching it with my cousins and I was thinking to myself "This is so bad I should just leave". But I never left until the middle of the movie because for some reason they let us have a break. so I left, went outside, found my parents, and told them how bad the movie was and that I wanted my money back. I ended up getting in trouble for not leaving sooner. Then I think I woke up; but what a dream I had.

    Just thought I would share that with you guys. :)

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