Hello Wikians,

I was thinking about this earlier, but you all know how some pages have occupations at the bottom of a page (ex. Oyaji: Governor of Kyoshi Island, Roku: Avatar, Tarrlok: Chairman of the United Republic Council, etc.)? Well there isn't that much information on them, but what if we did the same to the teachers of the Avatar? For the benders during Aang's time after being freed from the iceberg it would list: Water=Pakku, Earth=Bumi, and Fire=Jeong Jeong. The way they would list each person would be how they do it would be like how they list the Avatars, for instance: Earthbending teacher to the Avatar=Sud, Bumi, and Toph. So this is how they should all be teachers who have links to be listed:

Avatar Waterbending Teacher: Roku's waterbending teacher, Pakku, and Katara (Katara would appear for Aang & Korra)

Avatar Earthbending Teacher: Sud, Bumi, and Toph

Avatar Firebending Teacher: Jeong Jeong and Zuko

Avatar Airbending Teacher: Gyatso and Tenzin

  • Roku's airbending and firebending teachers are never shown.
  • Korra's earthbending teacher has never been shown and her firebending teacher has never been proven.

Each page will incorporate each time they taught and who they taught. So look this over and tell me if this is relevant to be incorporated into the Wiki.

Signed, Avatar1023

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