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    Avatar Teachers

    June 29, 2012 by Avatar1023

    Hello Wikians,

    I was thinking about this earlier, but you all know how some pages have occupations at the bottom of a page (ex. Oyaji: Governor of Kyoshi Island, Roku: Avatar, Tarrlok: Chairman of the United Republic Council, etc.)? Well there isn't that much information on them, but what if we did the same to the teachers of the Avatar? For the benders during Aang's time after being freed from the iceberg it would list: Water=Pakku, Earth=Bumi, and Fire=Jeong Jeong. The way they would list each person would be how they do it would be like how they list the Avatars, for instance: Earthbending teacher to the Avatar=Sud, Bumi, and Toph. So this is how they should all be teachers who have links to be listed:

    Avatar Waterbending Teacher: Roku's …

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  • Avatar1023

    New Avatar Series

    June 9, 2012 by Avatar1023

    Hey Wikians,

    I was just wondering what all of of you think if the creators made another show, and if so what would it be about. Obviously a new series can never replace ATLA, but let me know what all of you guys and girls out there think about a new series and your ideas on one. Personally, I think they should make another one about the next Earth Kingdom Avatar and they should make one about some Avatars and their stories and troubles they went through in their lifetimes. So let me know what you guys think.

    Signed, Avatar1023

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  • Avatar1023

    Tenzin & Pema's Baby

    April 10, 2012 by Avatar1023

    So I know all of you know that Pema is pregnant withe her and Tenzin's fourth child. Of course the baby will be born during the series because they can't mention it and then just leave it as a cliffhanger. So i was wondering what you think the baby's name going to be and if it's going to be an airbender or a nonbender like Pema. Personally I think if the baby is boy they are gonna name him Aang in honor of Tenzin's father or if it's girl her name will be Korra in honor of the Avatar that Tenzin got to mentor and I think it's going to be an airbender. So let me know what you guys out there think.

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