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    the legend of korra

    September 15, 2013 by Avatar-lover345

    does any one have a link to book 2 of legend of korra episode 1 and does anyone know  is it going to be a 12 episode season again ?

    and heres some questions i have

    was katara living with aang in republic city

    how come everything isnt the same anymore and i know its the furture but it should not have changed that much

    is asami still apart of team avatar

    will mako learn metalbending

    how did lin get that scar

    is anyone from the last airbender going to be in this season?

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  • Avatar-lover345


    September 15, 2013 by Avatar-lover345

    Hi, I have some questions that keep wondering my mind...

    1. If they still have northen water tribe scrolls then why is there no southern water tribe scrolls and if they were how come Katara didn't find them?

    2.If Aang found a heard of sky bisons would that not mean thats theres a possible that they are some air nomads left.

    3. Katara was a waterbender but her parents or gran-gran wasnt , how did she become a waterbender and Sokka didnt? and would you not think if that happen it surely could have happened to someone else so they are an air bender but they dont know it because they have no one to tell or teach them?

    4.Why wont they make a movie of the search and the promise.

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