• Avatang.17

    A new series guys, are you in for it? This is just how I would like it to be anyway. So, it starts off with a little boy, named walei. He's only about the height of a small, metal pole. And he's only 12. He wonders through the forest around his village when he hears a noise, then sees flames arise from behind a collision of trees and searched around the trees and finds himself staring at a young, small, girl, fire bending all alone. He obviously now knew it was a firebender abandoned from her family or has run off. "what is your name?", he asks. The girl looks at him, and her hand bursts aflame. That's all I'm gonna tell you so far. So I'm just gonna go over the characters I've made so far; there's Walei Borin Felica Dingle They're all th…

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