• AvaXanthe

    Downfall of Yu Dao

    April 14, 2012 by AvaXanthe

    So I'm wondering. Korra came to light 70 years after Aang and Zuko and the coming together of the nations. Well she was born right when Aang died when means that Aang was around when the Republic city was starting to decline. There is no mention of Aangs part or Zuko's part from the transaction from their time to Korra's time....there are a lot of unaswered questions. What part does the chaos in the Fire nation colony Yu Dao in the Earth Kingdom have in what happened in the New Republic City? Also when exactly did the problems start in the city? Did they start when Aang was still around or shortly after his death, what happened to Zuko? Who is the new Fire Lord--if there is one. How is it that Korra realized she was the Avatar at s…

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