So I see that theres talk about a twin avatar or two twins are born and one being with Raava and the other Vaatu. No. It can't happen unless 10,000 years go by and the convergence happens again.

I also do not want to see an avatar where theres twins both having two of the elements between themselves which some people have been wanting. Ruins what the avatar is all about. And its only one avatar only. Not two or split between two people. I mean if Raava and Vaatu split, they can't until 10,000 years when Convergence happens. Canon people! Stay with the canon!

(The Book Of The Avatar)

Main basic plotline

I think the next series should be focused on the avatar getting back the past avatars knowledge. Like searching for all texts and books on every avatar that existed and making a book of the avatar so that any new avatar that comes after, they get the book from the protectors sworn to serve the avatar. And making a whole new society of preserving all avatar knowledge and protecting this knowledge for all new avatars to come afterwards.

And while doing this the industrial revolution and machines start becoming a problem cause they are being used in new wars. So the avatar is having their hands full with just dealing with the new technology and conflicts.

This would be awesome to watch!

(Continued and extended from questions and inputs. You don't have to read if you don't want to.)

The thing with society evolving, the industrial revolution has just begun in the world of the avatar series. Advancements in technology is only going to get better and more dangerous. And it does have to continue. We could even see guns to, and them being used by people who don't even use bending and there could be another conflict of non-benders wanting more control and bringing bending into a collapse. Which would only mean that the avatar needs to work even harder to keep the way of bending going. That could be another plot line, but up for debate. The thing though with the Legend of Korra you see people with non bending powers use electricity to fight benders.

With the story, I would actually rather it be Korra who writes the book of the avatar cause shes the only one that has actually seen and experienced all the other avatars if not just a few like seeing Aang until being severed from them all. She still said at the end like it was just beginning, and that it would be harder in the future for herself but also senses she needs to do something even bigger in the future. But the next avatar could also see this problem and only having contact with Korra, and making it upon themself to make a final book of the avatar and a secret guard that protects and finds him/her in every new reincarnation and give the book to him/her so they can learn all the histroy on themselves just in case if the world goes into chaos and bending goes into decline there could be one last hope for the avatar which is the book which is reading and learning from the book that would help the avatar from fulfilling the duty of the avatar and learning and mastering all the elements.

There also has be a main conflict in every story and I saw that the biggest problem was people seeing the benders as elitists and that they wanted to control themselves and be equal, which many benders see themselves as higher ranked citizens and deserved to be leaders instead of people without bending. It to me was the biggest conflict and seeing it made me sad. Which it has also a bigger impact on the story like it was seen in the beginning in the Legend of Korra. And if the people ever got guns, imagine the chaos that would happen between benders and ordinary folk?

But guns and super technology of course does not have to be done. But it would kind of ruin the point from the very last episode which was seen in the legend of Korra. Tanks and mechas are a thing now. There could easily be something else that could cause conflict in the next series. Even so the nations could unite as one and everyone gets along. But then a whole new nation comes along from across the sea. And the world gets a whole lot bigger. And this new nation would not even know about the avatar. Which would even be a greater conflict because they don't see the avatar being a true story. They think its all faked or lies.

Anyways the basic plotline above is my two cents. The only thing is the creators said they are not continuing the Avatar and I have no control on which angle they will go or where the story will go or if they will continue it. I also just thought people could have an atlernative to the weird new stories people are trying to create that seems to go way off canon in areas and not stick to the basics of what the Avatar universe is and is about. No offense inteneded and I support creativity. :D

Thank you for reading and commenting!