Hello, guys. I'm going to try to do a daily blog thing with different topics about Avatar: TLA and LOK related stuff every day. I get busy sometimes (I'm writing a novel) and I might not get to this EVERY day. Anyways, let's start this!

First off, I'd like to ask anyone who likes to draw or is a artist, to create an Avatar based character. They will be YOURS. You name them, draw them, choose their element and nation, ect. This starts now and ends March 9th 2013. After that, I'll choose who's the best... There's no prizes, but you'll get the honor (hehe) of having the best character. I'll base it solely off of drawing skills, and NOT whether they have the coolest element. Everyone has a chance at winning this. So, I hope to see some cool entries!

Now, let's talk about a topic. Since this seems to be a popular one, who do you think Lins father is? I believe that her father is The Dark One A.K.A Moo-chee-goo-chee-la-poo-chee The Third, but who knows *shrugs* (The creators)... Anyway, tell me what you think in the comments and we can discuss it :)

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