After re-reading World War Z: an Oral History of the Zombie War in preparation for the movie, I had an idea. Wouldn't it be neat if we made an Avatar fanon in a similar style? A retelling of the Hundred Year War from the perspective of soldiers, prisoners, villagers, merchants, farmers, and other common folk. Like World War Z, the narrative would be told through a series of vignettes centered around a man interviewing various people affected by the war. Because the war lasted one hundred years instead of a decade, the earlier 'chapters' could be told through letters collected by the interviewer and recounts of the story from grandchildren or the elderly. It could start in the era shown in The Avatar and the Firelord and end with Sozin's Comet.

Just a thought for anyone who'd like to write a fanon but ran out of ideas. I figured it would be cool to see a collection of one-shots by multiple contributing authors all written under this theme. There are so many amazing writers on here, I'm sure you could pull it off.

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