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The Legend Of Korra in Europe

Arroran September 2, 2012 User blog:Arroran

Avatar: The Legend Of Korra episode 1 finally came out in Belgium, and probebly all of Europe, this sunday!

(26 august 2012)

I 'heared' from many Europen wikians that in Europe,The Legend Of Korra just started (26 august 2012) and nickelodeon is showing 1 episode every week. This is probebly very frustrating if you notice that in America TLOK episode one was released in april 2012! If its true that the next book of TLOK will be released in april 2013, how long is it gonna take to be released in Europe?

With this i actully want to come to the point that the Europeans who read this, should better follow the series on the internet. I admit, it doesn't have very good quality,but the voice acting and the music is much better! In Belgium (the country where i live) the air bending kids are irritating stupid children who only think at themselves. But when i watched the english version on the internet, (i don't know if its legal or not) i was really 'chocked' how funny they were with their english voices! This also is because sometimes the translations are very bad.

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