Hello again! Do you still remember the latest episode of Phantoms? If you are new to the series, go and read the first two chapters, The Boy and The Game, to dive into the story. If you have already read them, I've got something for you — a fresh sneak-peek of the upcoming episode which is called The Investigation. Enjoy!

“REPUBLIC CITY, Utd Rep. — After months of negotiations in which both sides were reluctant to step back and compromise, it is said that the leaders of bender and non-bender wings have finally agreed upon conditions of the new Councillor’s election. The deliberative body, claims our source, consists of all the current Council members, as well as of the representatives of the UNR Coal and Steel Community and the Sahayoga non-cooperation movement and is expected to start debating today, soon after the release of today’s morning issue. So far, none of the candidacies was discussed publicly neither by the government nor non-benders, however, it is commonly known that only three of them are being taken seriously: Zuzhou Meiyou, the interim chief executive officer at Future Industries, who was also appointed as the president of the UCSC after Hitoshi Sato and now stands as the representative of the organisation; Stiva Naukariypm, currently known under the name of Mohandas, the leader of Sahayoga initiative; and surprisingly, Asami Sato, a candidacy strongly supported by the chairman of the URC, Councilman Tenzin. Mohandas and Meiyou refused to talk to the press, although Sato, famous for being a part of so-called Team Avatar during the Equalists’ Revolution, told us she wants to ‘redeem her father’s sins and would render the service as well as she only can if given an opportunity’ and she ‘is looking forward to the election.’”

The Rally for the Council’s Seat Is to Finally End
United Daily News


Tenzin’s robe was billowing restlessly as he was striding on his long legs of a tall man. His steps were usually determined and dignified as the airbending master’s clothes seemingly imposed such kind of movement, however now — now he was moving forward as fast as he could, more like a cheetah, not a lion. The corridors were empty and quiet, two endless rows of walls, one decorated with a chain of tattered doors and rusted room number signs, and the second being a line of sizable windows, placed one after another in a distance of every few meters. The wisps of light were forcing Tenzin to blink every moment, making the airbender’s face alternately frowned and once again soft but clearly troubled, when he entered shadowy gaps between them. He fastened.


The room was a real cubby; there was nothing more inside than the pallet, two askew chairs, an old cupboard and a small window, because nothing more would fit into it. Paint peeled off walls, and the dusty floor looked as it hadn’t been cleaned for ages. A rather usual view in almost every hospital of mighty, developing Republic City, place of dreams and opportunities. Those who could afford it paid a lot for private healers; the rest lay in places like this, waiting to rot, forbidden to dream any more because of the insomnia caused by progressive fever, shivery and pain. “You care too little for ordinary people and their problems,” an unkind voice in the airbender’s head accused him. Not surprisingly, it sounded exactly like Mohandas.

I don't want to tell you more about the episode, because I don't want to spoil you the surprise, but there's a lot of things happening in it. I haven't finished writing it yet — a few scenes still lack — but The Investigation is already 13-page-long, which makes it the longest chapter of Phantoms at the time being! I hope you'll enjoy it when it comes out. I'm always looking forward to hearing your opinions, because I consider them the most important thing in the fanon, so feel free to share one! What is your opinion about the fanon? How do you think about the characters? What do you think will happen?

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